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How Law Firms Can Blend Traditional and Digital Marketing

by Guy Alvarez • January 18th, 2019 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Traditional and Digital MarketingLaw firms are notoriously busy places. Between billable hours, business development, and administrative tasks, there’s not much time left for marketing and advertising. We find that it’s typically for this reason that many lawyers continue using traditional methods that they have seen success with in the past. Though these mediums may be outdated in some scenarios, there is still a place for TV, radio, or print advertising in the legal industry. This is especially true if you are able to leverage new digital tactics for a balanced, comprehensive strategy.

Traditional methods like a magazine ad are great for access to local markets, memory retention, and the ability to be found or kept later. However, these methods lack the hyper-targeting that leads to digital’s strong ROI. Additionally, methods like TV or print advertising are hard to track and measure.

What if you could leverage the constantly evolving world of digital to improve your traditional advertising outcomes?  Here are a few tips for doing so.

Add digital to traditional

One of the fastest methods for integrating traditional and digital marketing is to add web and social information to your advertising. Include your website on any printed material, and mention any social channels you use. As you refine your strategy and add new mediums, you may consider adding specific landing pages to various ads so that you can better track the attention they’re getting.

Harness the power of TV with landing pages

TV ad spots are expensive, but often for good reason. Throughout the years, television has proven to remain attention-getting and effective in its ability to target local markets. However, you only have a few seconds to capture attention and get your point across. By developing content-rich landing pages and highlighting them in your ads, it makes great use of the short time you have while directing prospects to a place where they can get more info – and you can capture their information if you choose. Again, monitoring the landing pages according to the various sources that drove traffic there will help you measure the success of campaigns and adjust accordingly.

Blend digital and printed materials

Using digital tactics, build out a list of contacts and send them a copy of your newsletter or latest brochure. Or, create a digital version of your printed pieces and send them to your database via email. The great thing about online marketing is it allows you to quickly gain contact information. Repurpose the materials you have – creating both print and digital versions – and then take advantage of your database.


There are also some simple ways to leverage online tracking to supplement your advertising efforts. If you need help with any of the strategies above, or would like to learn more about online tracking to set up your best-performing campaigns, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Traditional and Digital Marketing


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