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Measurement and Analytics

Digital analytics demonstrate the effectiveness of your digital programs and campaigns, but it takes understanding your business and knowing how to measure results to transform data into action.
measurement and analytics for law firms
Data can be a powerful tool, but it means little without context. With so many metrics available, knowing what measurements matter can define your digital marketing success. Reporting on a long list of KPIs that don’t apply to your business or your process can overwhelm your team and stakeholders. It wastes time and energy, not to mention undermines your progress when the focus is on the wrong things.

Taking the time to clarify in advance the top 3-5 things that you want to accomplish from your digital marketing and social media efforts will make sure everyone is on the same page from the beginning, and prepared to evaluate the results in light of your objectives. We can help you measure progress and success by your own definition, and begin to lay a strong foundation for a digital marketing platform and strategy that works to achieve what’s most important to you.

How we do it
  • Using several leading reporting platforms, we monitor how your visitors and followers behave online and interact with your content.
  • We capture the information and metrics that tie back to your stated business goals.
  • We create custom reports and dashboards to track and monitor your digital KPIs.
  • No canned reports here. We review the data and results in real time, and fine-tune your digital programs to make them even more effective and targeted, and if necessary, refresh what we’re measuring.
While analytics should never drive content strategy, it should inform it. The most successful digital marketing strategies focus first on developing ideas and concepts, and then on creating quality content. But by smartly applying data intelligence to your digital marketing plans, you can prioritize your topics and decide where to devote your resources.
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