Links for SEOAs a law firm, you should be familiar with multiple SEO strategies, including earning trust and high-quality links. The trust element of this will typically lead to high-quality links, and those links boost your search engine ranking, helping your law firm bring in new clients. But how do you go about earning that trust and those links?

Focus on Making Content That Is Link-Worthy

When it comes time to craft the content for your website, try to create blogs and other content that is worthy of links. Ideally, you want to become a known resource, as this will lead to people turning to you in the future. Unfortunately, creating link-worthy content is easier said than done. With planning, however, you can overcome that. Make sure that your content is well-written, well-researched, relevant, organized, entertaining, educational, and original with headers and references.

Interact and Engage

To make the most of your blogs and get links back, you also need to be responsive; just providing great content is not enough. Reply to questions and comments that readers post. Supplement this with at least one or two social media platforms for other interactions. Then, use those networks to share, retweet, and like posts to remain relevant and remember to tag leaders in your industry. You should also comment on other blogs and content to create authentic conversations.

Show That You Are Human

By engaging and interacting with your clients online, you show that you are an actual person. Being human is crucial for gaining trust, so do not rely solely on interactions to prove it. Additionally, include an about page on your law firm’s website and clear photos of you and any other crucial members of your team.

Include Trust Markers

Once it is clear that you are a human, include elements on your website that show that you are a trustworthy human. Think about what you would look for if you wanted to confirm an online source of information was reputable, and then include those factors. These trust markers include a high-quality website design, upfront disclosures when relevant, current and comprehensive content that is accurate, and connections with the rest of the web. You should also include your memberships and credentials related to law that make you an authority.

Create Links as Well

The world of creating links online is reciprocal. It is not fair to others if you expect them to give you high-quality links but you do not return the favor. You do not need to link back to the same websites that link to you, but make an effort to regularly link out to reputable sources in your content. This shows that your law firm is fully established, stable, and has other connections.

When you link to other websites, it builds up your authority since you show that you are familiar with high-quality sources. It also creates an association with those websites, improving the value of your contributions.


The important thing to keep in mind when earning trust and high-quality links is that patience is crucial. The process of building a strong reputation and getting those well-earned links does not happen overnight. You will have to put in effort, but the results in terms of your SEO strategy will make your efforts well worth it. If your law firm needs help earning trust and high-quality links online, contact us for help.

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