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Beyond Basic Blog Posts: 5 Different Types of Content for Social Media

by Guy Alvarez • October 15th, 2018 • Content Marketing | Blog

content for social mediaOne of the biggest marketing challenges for law firms is creating original content for social media that people actually find relevant, interesting, and worth reading. If you find yourself constantly repurposing the same types of content with the same format, take a look at a few of our suggestions. These are items that have been proven to pique the interest of social media users.


Everyone loves a good list. People are busier than ever, and an easily digestible list is a quick read and provides key information in a format that doesn’t require a lot of time. When browsing social media, users aren’t typically prepared to read a lengthy article or report. Lists are great for compacting a wealth of information into one short post.


This is a content type that is becoming more and more popular. People are drawn to interesting visual content, and statistics are important for your firm to gain credibility and share knowledge. An infographic is a great way to combine those two elements in an easy-to-view format. In fact, according to ContentDesk, infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than a text article. If you’re stuck on what type of information would work for an infographic – consider data visualization. Take important statistics and make them stand out through graphs or charts.

Research and Studies

People are always looking for information to back their claims or ideas. Developing new research or sharing studies your firm has done may take some time, but that type of content is more likely to be noticed as well as shared. Social media users tend to be an opinionated bunch, so providing information that lends to their discussions is always helpful. Conducting original research also allows you to repurpose the information you find in a variety of content formats such as lists, infographics, emails, or even case studies. When your firm is the first to publish research on a topic, you’re able to further position yourself as a thought and information leader.

Anecdotes on Social Causes

Never before has social media been used to so openly and directly discuss social issues. If you can add to these discussions, it will go a long way toward humanizing your brand. You don’t need to create controversial posts, but consider sharing a passion project or some pro bono work. Similarly, you can also share information about your employees outside of the office, volunteer experiences, or any information that helps readers get to know the actual people behind your brand. We’ve found that Facebook and Instagram are particularly appropriate platforms for showcasing firm culture and values.

Your Thoughts on Industry News

The legal industry certainly offers plenty of fodder to comment on. Your readers are looking for your take, and having an informed opinion helps position you as a thought leader. Take the time to respond to news stories, reports, studies, or updates from other industry leaders. Another great opportunity is to ask your lawyers from various practice areas to comment on industry specific hot topics so you can include an expert’s opinion within your content.


It takes time to create and curate content for social media that readers actually care about. If you need some help, contact us for a consultation. We would be happy to discuss some of the various options available.


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