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How to Run Twitter Ads for Law Firms

by Noreen Fishman • August 8th, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

Many people are curious about promoting their firm on Twitter. Despite the current uncertainty surrounding the future ofTwitter ads for law firms the platform, there is no doubt that it’s a great place to grow your following, build your reputation, and engage with your audience. Twitter’s user base is huge – but how can law firms take advantage of the platform’s functionality to achieve business goals? What’s the best way to advertise on Twitter and how much should you budget? Here’s a legal marketer’s guide to Twitter advertising in 2022. 

Budgeting for Current Twitter Advertising Costs

Before you begin setting up campaigns, you need to determine your budget and then set specific goals. So how much does it really cost to advertise on Twitter? 

The true cost of a Twitter advertising campaign will vary based on a few factors. One of the biggest elements is the type of ad being run. Every Twitter ad type has a different average cost range. For example: 

  • Promoted ads average approximately $0.25 to $2 per action.
  • Follower ads average about $2 to $4 per day. 
  • Takeovers average around $200,000 each day. 

You’ll notice that Twitter Takeovers tend to have a fixed rate, but promoted and follower ads have a much broaderbudgeting twitter ads for law firms average cost range. What your firm actually spends will depend on the quality of your ad, how relevant they are to your audience and the amount that you bid. Additionally, you should note that Twitter takeover ads are priced by a 24-hour period, which means advertisers pay a set price per day. With promoted ads and accounts, however, they get much more budget-related flexibility. 

As you consider the budget that’s right for you, think about past performance to set some benchmarks. If your firm is totally new to Twitter advertising, take the estimates above into account. To begin with, multiply the average cost of the ad type you plan to run by the results you want to achieve. As an example, if you want to attract 1,000 new followers, begin with a budget of $4,000. As your campaign runs, monitor performance and look for opportunities to optimize your creative, copy, or bids. 

Types of Twitter Advertising

Here’s a bit about each type of advertising so you can build the appropriate campaigns. 

1. Twitter Promoted Ads

These are tweets that you sponsor to amplify results. They function like organic tweets and users can reply, retweet, or like them. Additionally, they can appear on a timeline, on users’ profiles, or in search results. Marketers use promoted tweets to reach a wider audience, and they can be effective in any stage of your advertising funnel. The primary goals of promoted tweets are increasing awareness, improving follower engagement, driving website or landing page traffic, and generating new leads. 

2. Twitter Image Ads

These ads use creative assets with a ratio of 1:1 or 1.91:1. You can also use the Tweet Composer’s built-in image cropper to resize it.

3. Twitter Video Ads

Video ads must have a ratio of 1:1 or 16:9 and can run up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Certain advertisers can run videos for up to 10 minutes with special permission from Twitter. Video ads allow you to add a website or app card.

4. Twitter Carousel Ads

These ads can support up to 6 images and you can use different media types. If you use a website card, then you can add a different headline and URL to each item in the carousel. 

5. Twitter Moment Ads

This option allows you to promote a collection of tweets that you’ve curated. Advertisers like this format because they can tell a longer story with more context, making content more compelling. You’ll have to find a “Moment” within the menu, and then click “Create New” to get started. 

6. Twitter Text Ads

This ad format doesn’t use a media type, instead allowing you to compose a tweet and then add a URL. You can also choose who can reply to or engage with your ad. 

7. Twitter Follower Ads

These ads focus on expanding your account activity. Whereas promoted ads promote content, follower ads promote your account. They’re helpful for goals like attracting more followers and broadening your audience and finding more prospects to add to your sales funnel. To get started, go to Twitter Ads Manager and select the followers objective. You can use specific or lookalike audiences, or you can use Twitter’s targeting features. 

8. Twitter Amplify Ads

These let advertisers promote video content before or during premium publisher content. Note that Amplify Pre-Roll is a self-serve option available in Twitter Ads Manager, while Amplify Sponsorship requires a relationship with a Twitter client partner. 

  • Amplify Pre-Ads – With this option you can choose to promote content across several categories that feature already vetted publishers. They run before premium content, which is great for building brand or campaign awareness and visibility. 
  • Amplify Sponsorships – In these ads, marketers pair video ads one-to-one with premium publisher content. That way they can run ads on topics that align with the organic content, which means users are more interested and engaged. 

9. Twitter Takeover Ads

Whereas most ads on social platforms rely on an auction format, this type of ad allows advertisers to purchase specific spots and reserve premium placements. Ads last for 24 hours and “take over” Twitter’s best real estate. These ads aren’t self-service so they can’t be set up in Ads Manager; you’ll need to work with Twitter directly if you’re interested in this ad format. 

  • Timeline Takeover – Using this format, your ad is the first one people see the first time they view their timelines that day. This allows advertisers to reach the maximum number of people, significantly boosting overall visibility. Additionally, this placement on users’ timelines means they are more likely to be interested and engaged with the content. These ads will work best if you have something big to promote, like a new office opening. 
  • Twitter Trend Takeover and Trend Takeover+ – This is designed to reach people on the Explore tab. These are shown at the very top of the “For You” and “Trends” lists, above the number-one trending topic and any recommended hashtags. Your ad will reach people who are wondering what’s currently trending on Twitter. If you choose one of these ads, you also get to place companion tweets on the timeline, which is a powerful way to reinforce your message. To create these ads, you’ll need certain components: a hashtag, a trend description, video lasting 5 or 6 seconds, and a companion tweet for timelines. 


Twitter is a smart place to reach new prospects and build brand loyalty. With so many advertising formats, there are effective ways to accomplish every goal. If you’re already on Twitter and want to incorporate advertising, now is a great time to do so. If you’re new to Twitter, we can help you to get set up for success. Our social media programs focus on creating, promoting, and curating intelligent content, engaging your target audience, and monitoring your platforms to make sure you’re getting the results you want. Contact us today for a free consultation. 


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