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How to Integrate Motion Graphics in Your Law Firm’s Content Marketing

by Talia Schwartz • January 13th, 2021 • Content Marketing | Blog

motion graphics for law firmsGeneral wisdom shares that human attention spans are shortening. An increasingly digital environment has contributed to people losing concentration after about eight seconds. This trend has serious impacts for law firms, particularly when it comes to social media content. There are several ways to make your law firm’s online and social media content more noticeable, and some of them include using motion graphics.

Why law firms should use motion graphics in content marketing

Motion graphics, or animated graphics, are images with movements that are designed to better catch people’s eye. Here’s a few reasons you should add motion graphics to your law firm’s content marketing arsenal:

  • Motion graphics make your content memorable – adding motion to your content will aid in information retention and recall. 
  • Motion is a good way to highlight the most important parts of your content and better share your unique value proposition. 
  • Animations can help tell a compelling story in the briefest way, and create a digestible format for content. 
  • Moving graphics are quite versatile and can be used on anything from infographics to social media posts. 
  • This type of graphic is also easy to repurpose and can transform some of your static content into new material.

Ways for law firms to use motion graphics in content marketing

You might see the benefit in using motion graphics, but not know how exactly to integrate them into your content. Here are 5 tactics to try:

1. Logo animations

Ramp up brand awareness by adding motion to your logo across virtual event booths, email signatures, and other branded materials. It’s also a great way to pique interest immediately.

2. Social media GIFs

Animated images have become a huge part of social media. Most people recognize and enjoy them so using them can make your firm seem more human and relatable.

3. Explainer videos

Law firms should make explainer videos that inform, educate and entertain. These videos help translate complex concepts into a simple format that people can understand. Consider creating videos to explain the origin of your firm or to explain a complex legal topic. See: 10 Video Marketing Examples from Lawyers Doing it Right.

4. LinkedIn and Facebook ads

Motion graphics within your social media ads are a good alternative to longer videos. Furthermore, video content can bypass the text amount restriction on social media ads because only the thumbnail image counts.

5. Animated infographics

Infographics are already a great way to present information, and animating portions can draw viewers to the most important parts. 


Law firms can use motion graphics to help their marketing evolve and stand out, and if you aren’t already you should too. Creating thoughtful movement in your content makes your firm more approachable and memorable. Experiment with banners, social posts, infographics, etc. to better attract and engage your audience. Such content on social media and other online properties can help your firm to build a dialogue with your target audience, and we can help.


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