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How Law Firms Can Utilize the LinkedIn Insight Tag

by Daniel Lopez • February 26th, 2024 • Digital Marketing, Social Media | Blog

In the competitive world of online marketing, law firms are increasingly seeking ways to cut through the noise and connect with potential clients authentically. One powerful tool that has been underutilized in the legal industry is the LinkedIn Insight Tag. This robust feature from LinkedIn enables precise tracking of website actions, paving the way for a more tailored, data-driven marketing strategy. If you’re in the legal industry and looking to enhance your online presence, understanding and leveraging the LinkedIn Insight Tag can be a game-changer.

Understanding the LinkedIn Insight Tag for Law Firms

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is not just another snippet of code on your website. It’s a marketing ally that enables you to understand your audience at an entirely new level — the professional-network level. When a visitor from LinkedIn lands on your site, the Insight Tag goes to work, collecting essential data on their interaction with your content. For law firms, this means you can now track, analyze, and act upon the actions of professionals who could be your next high-value clients.

Benefits for Law Firms

The tag doesn’t just offer basic tracking. It encompasses a range of benefits that can turbocharge your firm’s marketing efforts.

Enhanced Audience Targeting – With Insight Tag insights, you can precisely define your target audience on LinkedIn. Law firms can now reach those who genuinely engage with their content and services, leading to more relevant and successful marketing campaigns.

Performance Tracking and Analysis – Beyond just reaching out, it’s vital to assess how your campaigns are performing. The Insight Tag can give you real-time data on website visitation, link clicks, form submissions, and much more.

Conversion Optimization – By analyzing the data collected, you can identify the exact points at which potential clients drop off or convert. This granular level of understanding offers unparalleled opportunities for optimization.

Implementing LinkedIn Insight Tag: A Step-by-Step Guide

The power of the LinkedIn Insight Tag for law firms lies in its implementation. Following a detailed walkthrough tailored for law practices can make all the difference.

Step 1: Creating an Insight Tag – Log into your LinkedIn Campaign Manager and click on ‘Analyze’ and then ‘Insight Tag’. Once there, create a new tag specific to your law firm website, and follow the setup instructions.

Step 2: Tag Installation – Work with your website’s technical team to add the generated Insight Tag code to the appropriate sections of your website. Remember, correct placement is critical for accurate tracking.

Step 3: Tag Testing – Use LinkedIn’s built-in tag testing tool to ensure the tag is firing correctly. It’s essential to affirm that all the crucial pages and actions on your site are being tracked.

Step 4: Data Collection – Once your Insight Tag is live, give it a little time to collect data. Consistent monitoring of the data collection process will provide insights into your website visitors’ behavior.

linkedin insight tag

Leveraging Website Actions for Marketing ExcellenceThe introduction of Website Actions through the LinkedIn Insight Tag undeniably marks a pivotal milestone for law firms aiming to sharpen their online marketing strategies. Website Actions are the bedrock of automated website action tracking. They represent an evolution in simplifying retargeting audience creation and improving the measurement of results.

Whether visitors arrive at your site through a Google search, organically, or via your Google My Business listing, Website Actions allow you to track and analyze every button click and specific page visit. By understanding the intent of users throughout your entire web traffic, you can now create more targeted, higher-converting retargeting audiences. With no extra steps needed for those who have already installed the Insight Tag, this process couldn’t be simpler, but its potential impact on your marketing efficiency and efficacy is significant.

Every button click, page visit, and form submission is automatically tagged, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of user engagement on your site. This unique grouping feature ensures clarity in your reports; for instance, if the same ‘Create Account’ button appears across various pages, it will appear only once in your Website Actions list.

The true power of Website Actions lies in how you can utilize this data to fuel your marketing campaigns:

  1. Retarget with Precision: Create retargeting campaigns that reach potential clients when they’re deeply engaged, such as those who have signed up for a free consultation, enhancing the chances of conversion.
  2. Measure and Understand Ad Impact: By analyzing Website Actions, you can understand the actual effectiveness of your ads, like identifying the number of downloads for a legal Whitepaper or eBook.
  3. Optimize Spending: Utilize Website Actions to refine targeting and streamline budgets, ensuring your campaigns perform better and deliver a higher return on investment.

When strategizing with Website Actions, you have the ability to group related website interactions to broaden your understanding of user intent. For example, bundling all actions that indicate strong buying signals, such as account creation or requesting a quote, can provide valuable insights. You can also experiment with segmenting audiences along your funnel by their actions, allowing you to identify which segments yield the best results. Additionally, you can exclude certain behaviors from retargeting campaigns; for instance, excluding users who have already signed up for a service can prevent redundancy.

Creating specific conversions with Website Actions unlocks the capability to tailor conversions to campaign goals, providing keener insight into campaign influence on user actions. This allows you to connect campaigns to key touch points and track how they contribute to conversions. You can also observe multiple steps along the conversion funnel, not just the primary conversion goal, offering a fuller picture of user journeys.

By selecting from the four available look back window options (30, 60, 90, or 180 days), law firms gain control over the timeframe of the interactions they analyze, allowing them to capture relevant trends and make informed decisions about their online marketing strategies.


The LinkedIn Insight Tag, when properly configured and leveraged, is much more than just an analytics tool. For law firms, it’s a direct line to the professionals you aim to serve, to understand their behavior and preferences on a professional platform. With its wealth of robust data analytics and tracking capabilities, it gives you wings to refine your marketing strategy and soar above the competition.

In conclusion, law firms can no longer afford to overlook the potential of the LinkedIn Insight Tag. It’s a strategic asset that, when wielded effectively, can foster significant growth, engagement, and conversion of professional clientele. To all law professionals looking to capitalize on their digital marketing initiatives, contact us to help you make the most of this powerful platform feature.


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