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7 Tips to Help Law Firms Run a Retargeting Campaign On LinkedIn

by Talia Schwartz • August 12th, 2021 • Social Media | Blog

LinkedIn retargeting offers a powerful way to remind people of why they should engage with your law firm. This form of advertising helps you to recapture the leads that got away. It’s important to use the right strategies in order to get results and increase advertising ROI. Here are 7 specific steps to follow to create your most effective LinkedIn retargeting campaign. 

What are LinkedIn Retargeting Ads? 

The magic of retargeting is simply displaying ads to people who have previously engaged with your law firm. When a user completes an action that you’re tracking – such as visiting your website or clicking on an event link – your retargeting ad will then appear in the users feed. LinkedIn lets you build retargeting ad audiences from several different sources. This allows marketers to send highly relevant ads to targets that are warmer by nature.  

7 Tips for Creating Great LinkedIn Retargeting Campaigns



1. Ensure you have the right tracking code installed

 LInkedIn supplies code that enables the whole retargeting process. LinkedIn is able to grab specific information about people so that you can reach them with more targeted ads. 

2. Create audiences based on personalized audience segments

Use the Campaign Manager and click on “create audience” and then click on “create matched audience” where you’ll be able to reach people who visited your website. LinkedIn allows you to choose URLs so you can target the people on LinkedIn who visited that unique URL. You should check out some of your top-performing urls on Google and then create audiences based on those. 

3. Create account-based marketing campaigns for LinkedIn retargeting

ABM is key for law firms and LinkedIn makes that process easier. You need to go to the Matched Audiences section and create an audience. LinkedIn gives you the ability to upload lists of company names so you can run campaigns that specifically target employees of that company.

4. Target funnel stages with email

You can also use Matched Audiences again and upload a list of email addresses. From there, you’ll be able to create personalized campaigns to target your leads based on their stages of the buyers journey and engagement levels.

5. Create landing pages and authoritative content

Personalized experiences are important for retargeting success. You can create personalized landing pages for each campaign so that your audience has a seamless experience. Additionally, you need to make sure those pages are mobile-friendly. Responsive design is critical. 


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6. Focus on a seamless experience across all marketing channels

People expect a seamless experience across email, websites, and social media. Keep that in mind as you create campaigns and plan creative. It needs to be simple to move from LinkedIn to landing pages to any other item you direct people to. You’ll be better able to create streamlined experiences if you keep careful data on your audience, such as funnel stage, job title, areas of interest, etc. 


7. Monitor results and adapt

Just like you do with any marketing campaign, you’ll want to identify how you’ll measure performance. Choose the KPIs that you’ll use and then watch progress regularly. We suggest setting up goals specific to each stage of the funnel, and then reviewing performance over time. Based on the learnings you discover, make sure to tweak your campaigns in order to optimize. 



The LinkedIn platform offers several ways to generate new leads and engage them, and using features like audience matching and personalized campaigns are ideal for retargeting. As with any sophisticated marketing platform, it can take time to get comfortable and create compelling campaigns.

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