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How Law Firms Can Leverage HubSpot’s New AI Tools

by Noreen Fishman • April 26th, 2023 • HubSpot, Marketing Technology | Blog

Have you heard a lot about AI? There’s plenty of hype around these new tools and for good reason. In actuality, these platforms can make a lot of daily tasks easier, especially for marketers. HubSpot is the latest large brand to offer AI tools to its users. Here’s what you need to know. 

HubSpot AI Tools

Content Assistant

We all know content is key to generating leads, strengthening relationships, and sharing expertise – but who has the time to create truly compelling content? 

Currently, in private beta mode, this tool is designed to let users create AI-powered content from one central location. It utilizes OpenAI’s GPT model to help content creators ideate, create, and share content quickly. These tools natively integrate with the HubSpot products you’re already used to, so the learning curve isn’t too steep.  You can actually toggle between manual and AI content creation to write the best copy for landing pages, web pages, blogs, and more. Users say they are really enjoying using the AI tool for marketing emails, too. Here are a few of the features you’ll find most beneficial about the Content Assistant.

  • Generating a list of blog ideas; brainstorming assistance
  • Developing blog outlines about your chosen topic
  • Creating specific paragraphs (for example, the steps for engaging an employment attorney)
  • Writing prospect emails or marketing sequences
  • Refining ideas


Every marketing team is trying to accomplish more with fewer resources. Today’s top technology allows professionals to be more resourceful, and this tool is a great addition to HubSpot. 

ChatSpot is currently in public alpha mode and was designed to help marketing and business development professionals complete tasks faster with AI-powered, chat-based commands. The tool is essentially a conversational CRM bot that business development, marketing, and service professionals can connect to HubSpot to maximize their productivity. By using chat-based commands, you can accomplish the tasks you already use HubSpot for – only quicker. For example, you might want to create a new contact entry for your CRM or send specific follow-up emails or generate a report. Users can leverage ChatSpot with their current HubSpot instance to do the following: 

  • Draft follow-up emails or schedule follow-up reminders
  • Get quick status updates on contacts or opportunities
  • Add notes to contacts (for example, “Will be in Philadelphia for conference”)
  • Generate lists of prospective companies or people
  • Pull a variety of reporting, including monthly summaries
  • Forecasting – understand which deals are close to closing and their likelihood

Other HubSpot AI Tools

The tools we already listed will be game-changing for marketing and sales professionals. However, HubSpot didn’t stop there. They’ve added other functionality that is based on AI technology. Make sure to take advantage of the following in your HubSpot account: 

  • Data cleansing – reduce your dependence on manual data clean-up by having AI deduplicate, log, and enrich contact and company information
  • Email data capture – log and segment email contact information while reducing the manual elements and human error
  • Call recording and transcription – use AI to automatically capture and transcribe conversations
  • SEO suggestions – make use of SEO tools that scan your website and automatically return opportunities for optimization
  • Adaptive testing – automatically optimize traffic distribution when testing different variations of a page
  • Easier imports – import contact or company data from spreadsheets and even map them to your CRM properties


If you use HubSpot within your firm, your job just got a lot easier. Watch for further investments in AI tools, as they are likely to revolutionize the way that marketing is executed. Start by exploring these tools (when they are available to you) and look for ways to integrate the power of AI into your daily tasks. 

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