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The Top 5 Metrics to Include in Your Law Firm’s Social Media Reports

by Talia Schwartz • March 2nd, 2021 • Social Media | Blog

law firm's social media reportsToday’s digital marketing platforms offer plenty of analytics so that you can measure performance, and social media networks are no exception. Reporting on social media is increasingly easy, quick, and able to be automated. Despite the breadth of analytics available, there are some data points that are more valuable than others. Below are the most useful and necessary insights that should be consistently measured in your law firm’s social media reports – whether you’re pulling weekly or monthly reports.

1. Number of followers

You want to have a thorough understanding of followers, fans, or friends across social platforms. This gives you a good idea of your audience and how broad it is. More importantly than the numbers alone are the trends you see. Is the audience growing or shrinking? Track month over month, and pay special attention to times when you have intentional campaigns running. If you want to dig deeper than that, LinkedIn analytics provides a breakdown of your followers according to their demographics.

2. Conversions

Completion of certain activities should be a prominent point in your law firm’s social media reports. Your social posts should be carefully designed to entice action from your audience. It’s important to identify when and what action has been taken so that you can see what is successful. Conversions are also key in displaying the value of your team and their efforts. It’s important to note that marketers need social media pixels to track website conversions. Make sure you have the proper code and automation set up to reliably monitor information. 

3. Engagement Rate

This is one of the most important areas of social media that law firms should track, and engagement is actually the culmination of several smaller metrics. The engagement rate provides a more accurate representation of content performance than simply looking at vanity metrics such as likes, shares, and comments. As your social strategy becomes more sophisticated, you can pull details on individual campaigns and posts along with their engagement. This reporting will demonstrate precisely how your work results in positive outcomes. Checkout all the different ways to calculate engagement rate.

4. Volume of posts

In order to truly understand how your social media is doing, you need to note the number of posts along with overall performance. Savvy law firm marketers have a true understanding of how many posts their specific firm needs to gain the outcomes they want. From there, you can test and experiment by varying the amount of posts per reporting period. Additionally, how many posts and how often they occur provides helpful context when explaining strategy to others within the firm. 

5. Highest performing posts

Some popular brands can post anything and still obtain results. However, for most law firms, that’s not the case. Pull data that shows what type of posts work well. Do posts with videos tend to perform best? What tone do the posts with the best engagement have? Knowing your best posts will allow you to refine your strategy over time. 

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These are just a few of the metrics that savvy law firm social media marketers track on a consistent basis. Smart teams will track these metrics, and more, and share information with those who need to know. We suggest holding social media marketing meetings on a regular cadence, to review results and make sure social activities align with overall firm objectives. Meetings to track performance will ensure your entire team is on the same page.

If you need help learning how to measure and improve your law firm’s social media efforts, contact us for help today. We’ve helped countless firms in all different practice areas take their social media performance to the next level.

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