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How Law Firms Can Get More Leads with Google Remarketing Ads

by Talia Schwartz • May 29th, 2020 • Search Engine Marketing | Blog

Google Remarketing Ads for Law FirmsWith Google Remarketing Ads, you can serve ads to people who have previously visited your website and entice them back in. Past visitors see these ads as they browse the web, such as when they watch videos on YouTube or seek out news. Google remarketing ads are a surefire way for your law firm to remain top-of-mind and engage more leads than broader advertising.

Sometimes called retargeting, this form of advertising is powerful because it can dramatically increase your ROI and conversion rates. Due to the fact that past visitors are already familiar with your law firm, they are much more likely to complete other actions on your site and behave as a warmer lead.

How can you make Google Remarketing Ads work for your law firm? 

There are four essential steps to setting up an impactful remarketing strategy using Google Ads. We’ll break them down here, but you can also check out this video on setting up audiences in Google Analytics, which will be a big help. 

Create a unique offer:

Your goal is to drive an action, and the best way to do that is to provide something helpful to potential clients. Consider a free consultation or lead magnet such as an e-book or checklist. You’re going to ask people to enter contact information in order to take advantage of this offer, so make it compelling.

Content that audiences can derive value from has been shown to resonate more with people over traditional marketing messages. Example content pieces if you practice personal injury could be: “10 tips on what to do if you get in a car accident” or “what to tell your employer if you’re injured at work”.

Design a landing page: 

Once someone clicks on your law firm’s Google Ad, they’ll be taken to a landing page. The purpose of this page is to convert traffic into new leads. Keep the design incredibly simple. Visitors should easily understand where to input their information and what they will receive for it. See: A Guide to Creating Successful Law Firm Landing Pages.

Set up Google Remarketing Ads: 

Remember that once someone clicks on your website and then leaves, this form of marketing begins. To actually begin this advertising strategy, follow these steps: 

1. Set up a remarketing audience: The most simple way to begin is to target anyone who has visited your website within the past 30 days. To do this, you can build a targeted audience in Google (called Past Visitors). In order to do this, you’ll need to connect Google Ads & Google Analytics, then build an audience inside Google Analytics.

2. Link Google Ads and Google Analytics:

    • Sign into Google Analytics and click on Admin in the bottom left. Set up Google Remarketing Ads
    • There should be three columns – under the Property column you will find Google Ads Linking.Set up Google Remarketing Ads
    • Once you click that, you will be able to link your Google Ad account.On the next screen under Google Ads Linking select New Link Group. Google Ads Linking select New Link Group
    • From there, you’ll choose your Google Ad account. Select the checkbox on the left hand side of your ad account and click connect on the bottom. choose your Google Ad account

3. The next step is to create an audience inside of Google Analytics and send that audience over to your Google Ad account. The video linked above is a great walkthrough on creating audiences. 

    • Sign into Google Analytics and click on Admin in the bottom left as you did before.
    • In the three columns, you’ll see a Property column – find Audience Definitions. law firm retargeting
    • Now you will click new audiences, create an audience, and share it to your Google Ad account. share it to your Google Ad account
    • Under Audience Definitions, select All Users and then name the audience (something such as “Past Visitors – 30 Days” would be very clear). google retargeting
    • Next click Add Destinations, choose the ad account and then click Publish. 

Set up campaigns in Google Ads: 

At this point you’ll have the key groundwork completed. Now you can create some campaigns and start generating leads for your law firm!

  1. Sign into your Google account and choose New Campaign. 
  2. Choose “leads” as your goal. 
  3. Now you’ll choose the campaign type. For this specific campaign, choose Display. 
  4. Next, choose Standard Display Campaign and enter the url of the landing page you created. google remarketing ads
  5. Name the campaign and choose the location if you’re targeting a specific area. 
  6. From here you want to adjust your bidding strategy. You can do so by scrolling down and choosing Manually Set Bids. law firm remarketing ads
  7. This next part is where you will choose the audience you created earlier. Under Audiences, go to the third column and click on Browse, then select “how they have interacted with your business” then choose the All Visitors audience you created above. law firm Google Ad account
  8. Choose your ad group bid (we recommend starting at $1). 
  9. To create the ads, use Google Ads Responsive builder. This tool is great because it allows you to test elements such as an image or header. Simply follow the prompts to create the ad with images and copy. 
  10. Click Add To Ad Group and Create Campaign. 


Google Remarketing Ads are a powerful lead generation strategy for law firm marketers. The audiences you are targeting have already interacted with your firm to some degree – indicating a certain level of interest. If you can reach them again quickly following that interaction with your website, you can likely obtain their contact information and nurture them as a lead. We encourage you to follow these steps in order to execute a successful Google Ads remarketing campaign for your law firm.

We understand not every law firm has the time and resources to dig deep into Google tools and execute remarketing advertising campaigns. If your law firm would rather partner with a digital marketing agency to execute remarketing campaigns, you could experience an even higher ROI. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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