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8 Must-Have Marketing Automation Workflows for Law Firms

by Kevin Vermeulen • September 17th, 2020 • Marketing Technology | Blog

marketing automation for law firmsMarketing automation refers to the use of software and other technologies to automate repetitive tasks and improve the effectiveness of online marketing, including email, social media, websites and any content you publish. The main goal of marketing automation is to nurture prospects and leads over the long-term. A well-designed automation workflow saves time, increases audience engagement and boosts the ROI of your online marketing efforts. Before we dive into our favorite marketing automation workflows for law firms, make sure you understand the fundamentals that make them up.

  • Triggers – This is the action that begins the workflow, for example landing on a web page or filling out a form. 
  • Delays – These are the time differences noted between steps of the workflow.
  • Conditions – These explain what should occur for each step of the workflow. For example, if someone clicks on a certain page, a different action should be taken then if they download a white paper. 
  • Actions – These state what should be done whenever a specific condition is met. 

8 Especially Useful Marketing Automation Workflows for Law Firms: 

1. A welcome workflow.

This could be a single email or multiple emails that build on each other. Triggered when someone signs up for your newsletter, an email should go out immediately so that the person feels acknowledged. Include a friendly greeting and since not everyone who signs up to your email list will be familiar with the ways in which you help your clients, so share a little information about yourself and your services. Add additional contact information such as a phone number, address and social channels so your subscribers can get in touch with you if needed.

2. An anonymous user workflow.

If someone has spent a good amount of time on your website or viewed certain pages, you can set up a high-value overlay form that will keep users engaged. A survey, a lead magnet offering such as an eBook or a newsletter sign up form designed to make them pause could help keep their interest. It also gives you an added opportunity to acquire a prospect’s contact information before they leave your site. This marketing automation workflow is helpful for law firms looking to generate more leads.

3. A feedback workflow.

Client feedback is important to your success so you should automate the effort of obtaining it. Ask clients to fill out a questionnaire or short survey on your website. 

4. A re-engagement workflow.

Sometimes people in your audience “go dark” and don’t open emails or have generally become inactive. In these cases, you can attempt to remind them of your value. Try using a special offer, and reinforce the benefits of using your firm.

5. Content download workflow.

When users register to gain access to content, you should place them in an automated email workflow. Users know that in order to gain access to valuable content such as white papers, they need to exchange their contact information. From there, they become a lead that you can follow up with. It’s smart to send further content on the topics they expressed interest in. 

6. A lead nurturing workflow.

If a person is near the top of the funnel in their client journey, it’s smart to engage with them further. A series of informative and helpful emails can turn a basic lead into a well-qualified one. Potential clients need to see reassurance in the form of demonstrated expertise or social proof. Sending valuable content or directing to client testimonials helps to build the necessary trust. 

7. A cross-selling workflow.

Once you have obtained a client, make sure they’re aware of what else your firm can do for them. You can show clients what else their specific attorneys can help with, or introduce other attorneys within the firm to share additional expertise. You can even ask to be introduced to other departments. For example, if your primary relationship is with human resources, ask to be introduced to the accounting department to share tax preparation knowledge. 

8. A renewal workflow.

This sequence is ideal for people that your law firm works with on a noticeable cycle. If a client has contracts that you assisted with that you know are expiring, that is an ideal time to reach out to your contact. Year end tax time would be another example. Make sure that in your CRM or marketing automation system, you are keeping careful track of when you obtain clients and any dates or cycles that make sense for renewing an engagement. 


Marketing automation can help your law firm generate better digital relationships that lead to real-world opportunities. The key is developing automatic workflows that enable you to reach the right individuals at the right time, with the right messaging. The workflow examples above will take some time to implement and optimize, but they are completely possible with a marketing automation tool like HubSpot, Pardot or Marketo.

Contact us today if your law firm needs help getting started with marketing automation workflows or if you need help developing the content to feed into your automation program. 

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