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A Guide to Social Media Disclaimers for Lawyers

Appropriate social media disclaimers are very important for lawyers. Failure to have an appropriate disclaimer may be a violation of the ethics rules and open you to an ethics complaint and punishment. However, it can be rather difficult to establish the content and location of a social media disclaimer.  My goal in this blog is […]

Creating a Long-Term Email Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm

Email marketing is an excellent way for your law firm to capture new business, or keep your firm front-of-mind for past clients. However, not all email campaigns are created alike. In fact, long-term email marketing strategies may be much more useful to your law firm than short-term email strategies. The following post will cover just […]

How to Build the Ideal Link Profile for Your Law Firm’s Website

Building a solid link profile is a necessity in growing your law firm’s reputation online. A high-functioning link profile not only shows that you are an authority in the field, but you are up-to-date on relevant trends that are happening in the law community. Having a positive online presence means your firm is in the […]

Five Reasons Why Client Journey Mapping Really Matters

Customer or Client Journey Mapping is the hot new concept in legal marketing. Yet some question whether it’s simply a fancy tool with a fancy name used by consultants to sell law firms something they either don’t need or already know how to do. Some argue that the path to hiring a law firm is […]

LinkedIn's New Look: What Lawyers Need to Know

LinkedIn has rolled out their new profiles and user interface, which has many lawyers asking, where did everything go? The new experience mimics the mobile app, and although it looks and feels different, LinkedIn’s database is still at the core of the platform. Not only had functionality changed, but so has the way your profile […]