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Creating a Long-Term Email Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm

by Guest • February 20th, 2019 • Content Marketing | Blog

 Email Marketing Strategy for Your Law FirmEmail marketing is an excellent way for your law firm to capture new business, or keep your firm front-of-mind for past clients. However, not all email campaigns are created alike. In fact, long-term email marketing strategies may be much more useful to your law firm than short-term email strategies. The following post will cover just why this is, and give you some tips for creating your most effective email marketing campaign.

Why email marketing?

Email marketing drives more conversions than any other channel, including search and social. It also boasts an ROI of 3800%, making email marketing one of the smartest investments your law firm can make. These days, it seems as though everyone is on email, and that’s probably because they are. There are currently around 3.8 billion email users worldwide, a number that grows each year and is expected to reach over 4.2 billion by 2022.

Chances are, an overwhelming majority of your clients or potential clients use email on a daily basis. The popularity of this channel means email gives you a direct line to your target audiences. The key is to make the most out of this opportunity with a carefully-formulated, long-term email marketing strategy

Why a long-term email marketing strategy?

A long-term email marketing strategy will help you build lasting relationships with your clients and potential clients. While the expertise you offer your clients is invaluable, strategies that will help improve client engagement will be paramount to your firm’s continued success. According to a recent study done by BTI consulting group, “87 percent of clients would replace their current law firm if given good reason; and most cited poor communication as a key determinant.”

A long term email strategy takes into consideration both the immediate and continuing goals of your practice for the most comprehensive approach to client management. Long-term focuses on steps to not only obtain a client, but to sustain and maintain that client. Incorporating this plan of action will mean even those clients who you’ve counseled in the past won’t be neglected, but rather stay well-updated and informed on pertinent information that may apply to them. For potential clients, a long-term email marketing strategy will nurture them so that you’re firm is always on their minds at the most opportune times. 

In contrast, short-term email marketing strategies don’t consider the entire life cycle of a client and focus largely on the task of gaining that client, but not necessarily keeping them. This approach can be especially problematic for law firms who already put a lot of time and effort into gaining a client initially. Having clients who you’ve already worked with will mean that both parties will be familiar with one another, so you won’t have to waste time with consultations, explaining invoicing procedure, getting background information and generally acquainting yourselves with one another. Instead you’ll be able to focus solely on the case or issue at hand. According to the National Law Review, it can cost up to five times more to acquire new clients than to keep current ones. Additionally, a mere 5% increase in client retention can increase a firm’s profitability by a whopping 75%. Without long-term planning, even your short-term efforts may be wasted. Therefore, strategies which focus on client retention should be front and center on any law firm’s marketing agenda. 

Ideas for effective long-term email marketing strategy

1. Send out relevant emails, at the right times: A potential client and a past or current client shouldn’t always be receiving the same emails. What’s relevant to the clients you currently have, may not be as relevant to those you are hoping to obtain. For instance, if there’s been an update to your payment terms, or if you’re sharing information about your annual client Christmas party, obviously those emails shouldn’t be going to those people who aren’t already doing business with you. Current clients and long-term clients don’t need to be getting a welcome email, or a “meet our team” email when they are already familiar with your firm. Getting this wrong will look unprofessional, and will likely end up irritating both parties. 

2. Make your content interesting: In addition to making your content relevant, you want to ensure it’s interesting enough to grab and hold the attention of your recipients. Examples of interesting content may be:

      • Sharing recent events or press releases
      • Answering some frequently asked questions
      • Interviewing an employee
      • Interviewing an expert
      • Sharing a case study or success story
      • Sharing a new appointment 
      • Addressing a current event 
      • Sharing “behind-the-scenes” footage
      • Sharing your take on a newsworthy case 

3. Send emails more frequently to newer prospects: It’s ok to send emails more frequently to prospective clients, as you’ll want to capture their attention in order to convert them into clients. Once your leads have turned into clients, send emails whenever you have relevant news or information to share. 

4. Ensure emails have a clear CTA: What do you want to accomplish from your email? Do you want recipients to arrange a consultation? Give you a call? Follow you on social media? Emails will have different CTAs, but determine what your CTA is and make sure there is a defined path for recipients to follow.

5. Make emails personable: Don’t use legal jargon in your emails and make content friendly and easy-to-read. You want your practice to come off as professional and knowledgeable, but approachable. Don’t intimidate your recipients or else they’ll be less likely to contact you.

6. Use quality graphics: Bad graphics will immediately repel recipients. Graphics should not only be relevant to the email’s content, they should be of high quality and they should be able to function across mobile and desktop devices. Including videos in your emails is always a good idea to help grab attention and increase engagement. As everything, these should be produced to the highest standard and feature authentic content.


Emails are one of the most effective ways to reach your target audiences and keep in touch with your clients and past clients. A strategic, long-term email marketing strategy will ensure you capture the right attention, from the right people, at the most crucial times. For more information on how we can help your law firm achieve its marketing goals, contact Good2bSocial today!


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