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5 Reasons Why Your Law Firm’s Website Isn’t Generating Leads

by Noreen Fishman • March 25th, 2021 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools, and often the first impression of your law firm. It’s important that when someone visits your website, their response is favorable – otherwise, they’re unlikely to come back, and you’ve lost a chance of gaining a new lead. If your website isn’t generating the leads you’d like, there could be a number of reasons why. You might want to talk things over with an expert to get some tactical suggestions. Before doing so, though, take a look at these common mistakes. 

5 Reasons Why Your Law Firm’s Website Isn’t Generating Leads

Your Law Firm’s Website is Lacking Calls-to-Action

People will leave even the best landing pages if they don’t know what to do next. It’s your job to give them a reason to stick around. Be direct about what their next step should be, whether that’s subscribing to a newsletter or downloading more content. Many people place their calls-to-action (CTA) at the bottom of the page, but we suggest keeping it near the top or center, where it’s easily accessible without scrolling. You might A/B test various locations and formats to see which CTA works best for each unique page. 

Overly Complicated Forms or Pages

In order to generate leads, you need to keep things simple. If landing pages are too lengthy or complex, people won’t know where to go or what to do. Similarly, if forms have too many fields or are difficult to complete for any reason, you can expect people to abandon them. Begin with an uncluttered design, and use minimal graphics and no more than the fields that are essential for follow up. Keep the most important information prominent and make sure it stands out from other information – and if it’s not critical to your message, keep information off altogether. 

Unfriendly Website Navigation

Unfriendly website navigation is a big turn off and can really inhibit your law firm website’s lead generation capabilities. Website visitors need to know where to go and what to do on your website. Many experts recommend following a simple “F shape” where the most important information is found across the top of your page and along the left-hand side. Place headings at the top of your page and then break up blocks of content with subheadings. This format follows most people’s natural scanning habits. Keep navigation in line with what people have been trained to do on websites, and you’ll have more luck directing them to your most important information. 

Lack of Content

For one thing, make sure the content you do have is impeccable in terms of grammar and spelling. After all, the copy people see on your website provides their first impression of your law firm. Once you have the basics covered, add content that is valuable and engaging for visitors. Describe your services and practice areas and the ways that your attorneys solve problems and client challenges. Break out additional pages for each specialty, practice group, and attorney, as well as other helpful information like a mission statement or philanthropic effort. This is of most importance for good law firm SEO. Focus on creating content that resonates, and plenty of it. 

If you’re looking for more guidance on how your law firm can create an effective content marketing strategy, checkout our complimentary eBook: The Law Firm Guide to Content Marketing.

Your Law Firm’s Website is Not Mobile-Friendly

Today, this is one of the biggest mistakes law firms can make online. Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic, worldwide. Not only that, Google’s latest updates favor mobile sites. For these reasons as well as user-friendliness, it’s essential that your website leverages mobile best practices. Use responsive design to ensure landing pages and other elements render properly on any device. Failing to have a mobile-friendly site will no doubt cost you web traffic, which will ultimately limit leads.

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If you want your law firm’s website to be a lead generation machine, start by looking at these areas. Hopefully, gaining more leads on your website is an easy fix. If not, you may need to take a more holistic approach to your overall digital and lead generation strategy. 

If you need help generating or converting more leads through your law firm’s digital properties, get started by contacting us today. We’re happy to assess your current website and marketing efforts, listen to your lead generation and business goals, and provide recommendations for how to achieve them.

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