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5 Facebook Accounts of Law Firms Who Are Doing It Right

by Guy Alvarez • November 23rd, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

With almost 3 billion users worldwide, Facebook remains an all-encompassing platform for personal accounts and business pageslaw firm facebook examples alike. Facebook continues to add new features as the scope of social media changes, and always strives to keep up with newer platforms. From Stories and the repurposing of Reels to its impressive advertising capabilities, the possibilities on Facebook are endless. Although Facebook doesn’t harness the same power amongst professionals that LinkedIn does, having a strong presence on the platform is still essential for law firms seeking to remain credible. Yet all too often, firms seemingly forget about their Facebook pages and end up with inactive accounts that haven’t been updated in years- leading to lowered credibility and many missed opportunities. If you’d like some inspiration as to how your law firm can refresh its Facebook strategy, please review these 5 law firm Facebook examples that showcase what Facebook success looks like in 2022.

This past year we’ve studied and ranked America’s top 200 law firms (as ranked by the American Lawyer) on their usage and adoption of social media to extend thought leadership messaging in our annual whitepaper- The Social Law Firm Index. In this post, we’re taking a look at 5 Facebook accounts from law firms that are doing it right.

1. Baker McKenzie law firm facebook example

Baker Mckenzie is a prime example of how law firms can utilize Facebook to humanize themselves and showcase their culture. Baker McKenzie uses every Facebook post as an opportunity to highlight the people that make up the practice. For example, if they are shouting out a lawyer for their success, they include an image of said lawyer. Overall, this lends to their authentic presence. They also share stories of their pro bono and nonprofit efforts, making their values clear.

2. Clark Hill

Clark Hill understands that a strong visual presence is becoming more essential on Facebook than it once was. They find new and exciting ways to add visuals to their posts, whether it is a podcast sound bite with accompanying visuals or a professionally shot video. Clark Hill also uses Facebook as a place to share thought-leadership content and start conversations on topics important to their firm. They often share links to articles, rather than simply only advertising their successes.

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3. Millbank

Milbank understands that first impressions are everything on social media. Their profile features a strong header image accompanied by their logo as the profile picture. Overall, its branding and its voice are apparent in everything they do. Milbank showcases their company culture on Facebook by sharing articles from lawyers and images and videos of their associates when applicable. They also highlight their values by sharing celebratory posts for holidays that are important to them, like Juneteenth.

4. Brown Rudnick

Brown Rudnick communicates what they find important by sharing the successes and stories of their lawyers on Facebook. They capture photos from events, lending to their authenticity on the platform. Brown Rudnick also ensures that not all of their posts are promotional by sharing educational and informative content, such as podcasts. Alongside their educational content, they also include engaging elements, like video, to repurpose content to better suit Facebook.

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5. DLA Piper

DLA Piper utilizes Facebook to showcase what is valuable to them as an organization. They share content surrounding days they consider important, like World Children’s Day, while also highlighting their efforts to serve their community, including their pro bono work or their Alumni Engagement Program. DLA Piper’s Facebook is a reminder that social media doesn’t have to consist solely of promotional content. It’s also valuable to showcase other aspects of your firm as well.

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Facebook, although at times forgotten by law firms, remains a leading social media platform. Rather than forget the platform and move on, firms should continue to look for ways to engage their audience and make meaningful connections on Facebook. Start by taking inspiration from these law firm Facebook examples and go from there.

If you’d like help leveraging Facebook to reach your business development goals, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation. We’ve helped many law firms build out and optimize their social media strategy to generate leads online.


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