law firm webinar surveySurvey questions are an important aspect when it comes to webinars and events because they provide feedback and information from your audience members you may not be able to receive any other way. Attendee feedback lets you know if what you’re doing is working, and how you can improve. Ask these survey questions before, during, and after your law firm’s webinar to improve the quality of your virtual events and keep your audience coming back for more.

Pre-Webinar Survey Questions

What’s the most effective way to anticipate the wants and needs of your audience? Ask them directly with pre-webinar survey questions — and then deliver. Ensure your attendees get the value of what they expected from the webinar. In addition, early engagement with audience members before your webinar will also encourage them to attend the webinar when the day comes.

1. How did you hear about this event?
2. Which speakers are you excited about?
3. Have you ever attended one of our webinars or events before?
4. Why did you decide to spend your valuable time attending this webinar?
5. What device will you be using to participate in the webinar?
6. What are you hoping to get out of this webinar? What are you hoping to learn?
7. What’s your preferred social media platform?

The answer to survey question #7 can inform your social media team how they should spend their money and resources online. 

Questions for During the Webinar

Once the webinar is under way, ask these questions to ensure everyone can take advantage of information being presented.

8. Are you experiencing any technical issues? (ask this in the beginning of the webinar so that you can trouble-shoot)
9. Is there anything that you’d like the speakers to elaborate on?
10. Do you have any questions? 

Post-Webinar Survey Questions

Post-webinar survey questions can help you get real feedback on the quality of your law firm’s webinar and help you for planning future webinars. Send a short post-webinar survey to attendees within 2 hours after the webinar airs. Survey questions like “what would you like to learn in our next webinar?” can also help you to uncover content ideas for future events. 

11. How would you rate the webinar (according to a scale)?
12. How would you rate the speakers (again, on a scale)?
13. How would you rate the technology?
14. Did the webinar meet your expectations?
15. Has your perception of our firm improved due to the webinar?
16. What was your favorite moment during the webinar? Least favorite?
17. Was the webinar platform easy to use?
18. How likely would you be to recommend this webinar presentation to a colleague?
19. Will you attend our next event?
20. What improvements can we make to the webinar experience?
21. What time of the day works best for you for future webinars?

Tips for Designing Successful Webinar Surveys

When putting together surveys, we suggest using a platform like Survey Monkey. You can also create your post-webinar survey questions right in Zoom if that is the software your law firm uses to host webinars.

In order to get people to actively participate in your webinar surveys, make the surveys as simple and painless as possible. Follow these tips:

  • Start with easy questions – keep things simple, such as true/false options
  • Keep it brief – the longer the survey, the more you may deter respondents and the less thoughtful responses will be
  • Limit answer choices – too many decisions makes things complicated

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The success of your law firm’s webinar depends on knowing as much as possible about those who choose to attend. This is true at all stages of the process, including before the event starts! Always remember that the goal of your webinar is to create value for your audience so they will continue to attend in the future and recommend your webinar to their network of colleagues. Take their feedback and use it to build even better webinars in the future, and you’re sure to see your webinars skyrocket in popularity and value.

Are you ready to host your own webinar that connects with your audience, builds authority and trust, and grows your email list? Reach out to us for help today.