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How To Personalize Your Account Based Marketing

by Noreen Fishman • May 24th, 2024 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Many law firms depend on Account Based Marketing (ABM) as a critical component of their business development strategy. Account-based marketing focuses on delivering personalized and highly relevant messaging and content to a list of specific, key companies. The goal is to engage each company on an individual level by basing messaging on their specific attributes and needs. A one-size fits all approach just won’t cut it with account-based marketing. To help you achieve stronger results with your law firm’s account-based marketing campaigns, here are 8 creative ways you can personalize your strategy.

What Is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing is a go-to-market strategy that targets key accounts with a series of personalized marketing tactics. Popular with B2B law firms and companies, an ABM strategy allows marketing and business development teams to focus on targeting best-fit accounts that are most likely to convert.

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Benefits of ABM

94% of marketers reported using ABM, and it’s no surprise when you pay attention to its key benefits:

  • Your marketing tactics will be more personalized, which is important as users continue to increasingly prefer personalized content and it continues to be a trend for law firms
  • Your marketing and business development teams will be in greater alignment, making it a lot easier to reach your goals
  • Shorter buying cycle, as now you’re targeting accounts that are more ready to convert
  • Improved and clearer return on investment, as now you’re not wasting time on accounts that won’t convert
  • Fewer wasted resources, as now you’ll only focus on the best accounts for your firm

Creative Ways to Personalize Content for Your ABM Efforts

1. Offer Target Companies a Personalized Collection of Content

If your law firm’s account-based marketing campaign is broad enough (think segmented by company size or persona) then one of the simplest ways to personalize your campaign is to curate a collection of content for each intended audience. When you hand-select pieces from your current content library and package them for your account-based marketing campaign, you’re able to give target accounts a personalized experience without creating any new content.

2. Offer Target Companies Personalized, Vertical-specific Content Simply by Updating Existing Content.

For a bit more personalization, segment your law firm’s target accounts by industry vertical and serve variations of the same asset to them. Rather than creating all new industry-specific content, just focus on editing the high-impact elements such as titles, headlines, visuals, and examples. For example, if you’ve published a general franchise law eBook, take it and adapt it into 3 more niche eBooks: one specific to hotels, another for coffee shops, and a third for restaurants.

3. Personalize Your Website’s User Experience

Given its highly targeted nature, it’s pertinent that your law firm’s account-based marketing programs deliver high conversion rates. Crafting personalized landing pages or microsites is one effective tactic for doing this. Legal marketers should create account-specific landing pages that display custom copy, images, offers, forms, and calls to action depending on the person or account that is visiting the landing page. If you’d rather not create multiple landing pages for a campaign, set up dynamic text replacement.

4. Create Highly Personalized Email Sequences That Address a Lead’s Unique Challenges and Goals

Never send generic, impersonal emails to your target accounts. Rather than just uploading your account-based marketing list for a general email blast, segment your account contacts based on each prospect’s unique business needs, challenges, or interests. This shows you’ve really done your homework. Creating personalized emails will provide your target accounts with a unique experience, engaging and converting them into leads and clients. Also, make sure to use personalization tokens that insert first names or company names to make the emails seem even more personal.

5. Create Blog Content That Mentions Target Accounts

Make affirmational mentions of your target accounts within your law firm’s blog content. This will build respect and appreciation between your firm and the prominent players at the companies you target. Most companies have alerts in place that notify them whenever their company name is mentioned online. You can also tag or mention them on LinkedIn and Twitter to further draw their attention.

6. Create Personalized Ads

With platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, you can target key accounts through ads. Create content that is specialized for each account or group of accounts with unique offers, CTAs, graphics, and copy that align with the account’s specific stage of the buyer’s journey and the unique struggles they’re trying to overcome.

If you’d like to learn how to target key accounts on one of the most popular paid ads platforms, check out this free eBook: The Law Firm Guide to LinkedIn Advertising.

7. Tie Your Content Into Events

If there’s an event you know key accounts will be attending, make an effort to become a panelist or at least an attendee. Then, you can send personalized content to the accounts after the event or a special free offer only they can access.

8. Build Personalized Resource Centers

Resource centers have been a legal marketing trend this past year, as proven by our study of law firms’ marketing, The Social Law Firm Index. Consider creating specific resource centers on your website for the different needs of key accounts. You can then share and link to these resource centers as you interact with the accounts.

9. Utilize Personalized Video Messages

Video messages can be a powerful tool for personalizing your account-based marketing efforts. Create short, personalized videos for key accounts that address their specific needs and challenges. Refer to their unique pain points and how your law firm can solve them. This approach not only grabs attention but also builds a stronger connection with your prospects by adding a human touch to your communication.

10. Implement Targeted Webinars or Virtual Events

Hosting webinars or virtual events specifically designed for your key target accounts can significantly enhance your ABM strategy. Tailor the content of these events to address the specific interests and concerns of your target companies. Invite industry experts to speak on topics that are particularly relevant to these accounts. Following the event, share personalized follow-up content, such as recordings or summary reports that highlight key takeaways and how they apply to each target account’s unique situation. This will position your law firm as a thought leader and a trusted advisor in their industry.


Freshen up your law firm’s account-based marketing program with these personalization strategies and you’re more likely to improve your conversion rate and overall return on investment. Unlike traditional marketing that’s based on a broader audience, account-based marketing requires personalization to work. Rely on data, research, and third-party tools to help you better focus your efforts.

If you are curious how other law firms have already started running account-based marketing campaigns or if you’d like help getting started with your own campaigns, contact us today for help.

This post has been edited and republished from Feb 1st, 2023.


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