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5 Essential Tools and Technologies for Successful Account-Based Marketing for Law Firms

by Kevin Vermeulen • October 5th, 2023 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Account-Based Marketing TechnologiesAccount-based marketing is becoming more popular. A recent Salesforce report estimated that 89% of B2B marketers have an ABM strategy in place today. What used to be a time-consuming and expensive process is becoming more accessible for law firms of all sizes – not to mention easier and more affordable. ABM is especially important since it allows marketers to concentrate their efforts on their most valued potential customers, increasing their return on investment. There are a few platforms that are required to build an impactful ABM strategy. Read up on the tools and technologies your law firm needs if you hope to make account-based marketing work for you. 

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5 Essential Tools and Technologies for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

1. AI engine for personalized content recommendations

Many clients expect that even early communications from your law firm are personalized. It’s important to ensure that interactions with your firm’s digital presence are targeted and relevant. One step you can take is to implement an AI engine with personalization algorithms (such as what Netflix and many interfaces use). This engine will find content within each visitor’s vertical, industry, or pain point. Consider leveraging a tool like Terminus Web Personalization

2. A strategy for cleaning and verifying your database

Your most successful ABM strategy depends on reliable data. Even a few missing or incorrect contact fields can impact the effectiveness of your marketing. Make it a priority to adopt proper data hygiene and verification. AI-driven forms can help to filter out certain emails (such as competitors) and they use public data to autofill the lead’s firmographics. Ideally, you have a CRM system in place. If you don’t want to invest in AI forms, consider having interns help with the manual efforts of keeping data clean and updated. 

3. Applicable case studies or service comparisons

Prospects rely on success stories that show exactly how your firm will help them address their challenges. Look for clients that mirror your firm’s ABM audience, and then write case studies on their experience and results. Don’t be afraid to ask key clients for testimonials that you can add to content as additional social proof. You should also consider creating content that highlights comparisons between your firm and competitors. Don’t be afraid to explain explicitly how your firm is different and at more of an advantage than other companies’ prospects might be researching. 

4. Compelling account-focused landing pages

You can make your key accounts’ lives a lot easier by anticipating their frequently asked questions. Dynamic landing pages for each key account can help to answer questions in advance. AI solutions will ensure these landing pages contain personalized information based on the firmographics of the account. If you’re not ready to invest in AI, create landing pages that are based on client needs or industries, not just your own practice areas. Within your law firm’s ABM campaigns, link to these specific landing pages rather than generic overview pages. 

5. Email automation

Even with all of the advancements in account-based marketing technologies today, email is still an essential part of ABM. Each account needs a devoted campaign journey that includes personalized messaging. You should offer personalized content such as offers, case studies, and relevant blogs. From there, you can even expand each email journey based on an individual’s stage within the buyer’s journey.

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More and more law firms are gaining new clients and cross-selling their services with ease with account-based marketing technologies and strategies. Fortunately, advancements in marketing technologies and the availability of robust data make it easier than ever to employ an ABM strategy. Before you start thinking about launching your ABM strategy, review your marketing technology stack to ensure that you have the right technology in place.

If you are curious how other law firms have already started running account-based marketing campaigns or if you’d like help getting started with your own campaigns, contact us today for help.


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