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Why Law Firms Should Use Inbound Marketing to Generate More Leads

by Kevin Vermeulen • January 22nd, 2021 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Law Firms Inbound MarketingLaw firms can generate highly qualified leads through inbound marketing strategies. If you’re not familiar with the term, inbound marketing is a strategy for attracting more qualified leads organically through content creation, essentially drawing in potential clients who are actively looking for answers. The basic workflow of inbound marketing consists of potential clients researching online, finding you through compelling content, and becoming a warm lead. When a legal issue transpires, a prospect already knows of your firm and its expertise through your inbound marketing tactics. The inbound marketing method is excellent at driving qualified leads and new clients for the following reasons:


A law firm’s inbound marketing is all about enhancing credibility. Particularly in the legal field, potential clients want to find someone they can trust. That’s the principle behind client referrals in the first place. A blog or other content that denotes expertise on relevant topics, thought leadership, and helpful tactics to address visitor’s concerns builds that trust. Ideally, the content you create has a strong CTA that helps visitors become leads that you can follow up with. 


Believe it or not, getting clients to come to you will require less investment in the long run. Think how many resources you’ll save if the leads you follow up with have already demonstrated interest. According to Demand Metrics, inbound marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times as many leads.

Lead Intelligence

Savvy legal marketers know that information is key to targeting the right individuals. Rather than promoting on broad channels hoping something sticks (which can eat up a lot of time and budget), your law firm’s inbound marketing tactics help you collect information that you can use to your advantage. With valuable content, you’ll generate traffic organically. Then, you can leverage the insight you’ve acquired to build a relationship, nurturing those leads into relationships. To convert website traffic into leads, try tactics like:

    • Including web forms on the side of any blog post or web page. Make sure to keep them short enough that people aren’t deterred from filling them out – but include questions that will help you tailor follow up materials (such as “What legal issue do you need to learn more about?”).
    • Make sure calls-to-action (CTA) are placed strategically throughout your content. Encourage visitors to act on a next step, such as requesting a 30 minute consultation. 

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Focusing on your law firm’s inbound marketing is essential if you’re looking to acquire leads and generate new cases online. Although it is not the sole component, content marketing is a critical factor of inbound marketing. It is key to engage, educate, and offer prospects something of value when they land on your website through PPC, word-of-mouth, keyword research, etc.

If you need help structuring an inbound marketing strategy for your law firm, contact us today.  We can work with you to develop an inbound strategy that drives and converts more prospects online, in turn, generating more revenue for your firm.

Updated and Republished from Oct 11, 2019.

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