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How to Develop a Content Strategy for Your Law Firm

by Kevin Vermeulen • September 30th, 2019 • Content Marketing | Blog

content marketing strategy for your law firmAt the rate at which people consume content online – content is still king.  Beyond traditional advertising, content can speak to your future clients in a way that no amount of paid advertising or promotion can. In this blog post, we teach you how you can develop an effective and efficient content strategy for your law firm. 

If you read our past post on creating engaging content, you know that the goal of your law firm content marketing is to demonstrate your firm’s expertise while engaging your reader with content they find valuable and relevant.  This way, prospective clients will be compelled to read more of your content and will begin to gain a level of trust for you and your practice.  

Follow these steps to create an effective content strategy for your law firm: 

1. Know your goals. Define your objectives. Why are you creating a content plan in the first place? There are several valid reasons. It’s important to know and document your goals before getting into the tactics, so that you can properly determine what works best and how to measure success. 

2. Conduct buyer persona research. Your content is going to be a lot less impactful if it’s not targeted to the right person. This is where conducting proper research on your clients (or future clients) comes into play. Once you understand the client you’re creating the content for – their needs and motivations – can you start thinking about topics and themes you want to cover with your blogs, videos, webinars, etc.  

3. Complete a content audit. Perhaps you already have a blog going. It’s unlikely that’s enough though. What other types of content do you have, and where does that content reside? What topics would you like to expand on? Which topics drive the most website traffic and on-page conversions?

4. Have fun: brainstorm content ideas and channels.  This is where you can really get creative. There are free tools online (like Buzzsumo) that can help you come up with topics, or you can ask us! Determine what practice areas you want to explore, or which are a priority to display more expertise or credibility in. Then, decide which methods will be most effective for sharing that content – an infographic? Video? Podcast? Challenge your team to think beyond a blog. 

5. Now it’s time to execute. Include a plan for publishing and managing your content. Create an editorial calendar to stay organized and ensure your content is well-balanced. Creating the calendar will force you to put together a coherent plan. Make sure you’re leaving room for evergreen content – or, items that are always relevant – as well as timely items that arise from current events like new rulings. Lastly, layer in social media. The best content ever can’t help you if people don’t see it! Make sure you’re considering which items will be shared via which social channels. 


A content marketing strategy can help your firm stay organized, spend less money, and save time.  If you’re a lawyer or a legal marketer, you can take these steps to create an effective law firm content strategy that helps to accomplish your overarching business objectives. If your content marketing strategy is not driving real business results – contact us for help today. 



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