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Ways to Improve Attorney Facebook Advertising

by Kevin Vermeulen • May 3rd, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

If you’re leveraging Facebook ads and not getting the result you want, you may be tempted to give up. However, Facebookattorney facebook advertising advertising can be incredibly powerful. The right optimization can totally change the performance of your campaigns.  If you want to see better outcomes from your firm’s Facebook marketing, try these tips first that’ll help improve attorney Facebook advertising.

How to Improve Attorney Facebook Advertising Efforts 

1. Reach Your Real Audience 

Facebook offers some great options for expanding the reach of your firm. However, many marketers optimize their ads based simply on numbers from the platform. This can lead to a larger – but irrelevant – audience. Depending on your goals, you might even think this is helpful. After all, if you see your followers or “likes” growing, isn’t that a good thing? It can be, but the fact is you don’t know if those people are relevant to your services – or if they’re even real profiles. Instead, focus on data that can help you focus on the people who are most likely to need and engage with your firm. Start by understanding whether or not current campaigns are working and truly reaching your target audience. Go to your Facebook Ads Reporting page and click on “Edit columns”. Next, click the following: 

  1. Data Aggregation > Campaign Name
  2. Data Breakdowns > Age and Gender
  3. Delivery & Spend > Reach & Amount Spent
  4. Actions > The specific action your campaign seeks (e.g., website conversions)

After that, unclick everything else and choose “Save Columns”. The result will be a table, where you can click “Reach” on the top to sort. In this way, you can see the demographics of the majority of people your ad is reaching and how much of your ad budget you spent on them. attorney facebook advertising

As you view the information, ask yourself if your campaigns are reaching people most likely to become clients. If they aren’t, it’s time to make changes to your individual ad sets or stop ones that aren’t working. You can also use this information to change the demographic parameters in Facebook Ad settings. And you can reshuffle your budget if necessary. For example, if you happen to see that a certain age group seems more responsive, you may want to allocate more of your budget to that audience. Over time, figuring out the best audience to target will streamline attorney Facebook advertising efforts.

2. Review Duplicate Ad Performance

You often hear suggestions for more A/B testing. However, creating great ads takes time. Too many firms dive right into robust A/B testing, expending plenty of effort, without giving ads time to prove their value. As an earlier step, why not try reusing an ad to see how numbers differ? For example, you might find that if you run duplicate ads for the same period of time, you may see differences in the number of website clicks or cost per click. Then you can use this information to optimize your overall campaign performance by comparing data and getting rid of the ads that aren’t making the grade. A/B testing will always be important, but this is a simpler way to test advertising elements without starting from scratch. 

3. Invest in More Interesting Images

Imagery creates a strong response in viewers and can make the difference in someone clicking on your ad. Experts suggest choosing photos that tell a story about your firm. Adding an icon to your design further increases the salience of your message. Make sure to use consistent visuals (templates are helpful for this). In addition, pay attention to color and mirror your firm’s other marketing materials. Finally, focus on a balanced design. One best practice is to use the rule of thirds: divide your design into three columns and three rows, then space out your content along those sectors. Furthermore, choose images that are easy for viewers to process and understand – things like memes, quotes, behind-the-scenes photos, etc.


In general, the best way to optimize your Facebook advertising is to look closely at your target audience, make sure you’re reaching those people, and communicate how you can best serve them. Take the time to periodically review your performance and make necessary changes. 

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