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Five Tips for Using Periscope at Conferences for Legal Marketers

by Noreen Fishman • February 2nd, 2016 • Social Media | Blog

periscope for legal marketingPeriscope for Legal Marketing

Last week, I attended a Legal Marketing Association event in NYC on “integrating digital marketing into your business plan”, a very hot topic for legal marketers. I was lucky enough to attend the event as it was sold out almost immediately. It can be difficult for people to attend a presentation or conference for many reasons such as; limited tickets, travel costs or a busy schedule.

Luckily there were many attendees live tweeting from the event, myself included. Having said that, by using live streaming the presenters and conference organizers could have exponentially grown the audience of this event and enabled a richer experience for those that were unable to attend in person. By using Periscope one of the many live streaming applications now available online, the presenters could have enabled followers to connect and engage in real time. The use of live streaming during a conference can be a great marketing tool and welcome break from the usual tweeting, posting and sharing. Here are five tips for law firms on how to use Periscope for legal marketing and conferences:

#1: Have the right equipment:

  • A portable tripod such as Flexipod by Innovapod easily found on Amazon can give you stability taping your video or makes it easy to hold out in front of.
  • A microphone such as the SmartLav+ by Rode is easy to use and comes highly recommended from many Periscope users. Using a mic will give you a clear recording and alleviates the gap between you and the mic.
  • A power charger, one thing for sure is Periscope will drain the life from your battery so have back up.

#2: Let participants and the audience know you are LIVE.  Although you are happy to be on a live recording for the world to see others may not be. People can be very sensitive to this. You can make a sign to place on your table if you are at a booth or perhaps a sticker that says “LIVE BROADCAST”.

#3: Create a title and hashtag for your Periscope broadcast. This will allow others to search for you as well as let them know what your scope is about. For example, #Legal, #LTNY16, or a title can be “5 Tips for Using Periscope at Legaltech”.

#4: Promote your Periscope broadcast on your firm’s other social networks ahead of time. You can post on twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. with a schedule and a link to your Periscope Profile and Twitter username. You can let our followers know briefly the content you plan on sharing. If you will be live streaming for more than one day at a conference, try to be consistent with the times you are streaming so your followers know when they can expect to hear from you.

#5: Q&A – You want to build loyal fans so be sure to engage. While you are streaming questions and comments will come in, be sure to reply to the questions. You want your followers to know you are accessible and there for them. In return find out where your target audience is spending time, for example you can search the hashtag #LMAMKT to see who else is live streaming from the conference and join their conversation or simply show love by tapping the little heart for them. I hope these tips on using Periscope for legal marketing can help and encourage you to try live streaming at your next conference. Do you have any other tips you would like to share? Any experiences using Periscope for legal marketing?  What about other social media live streaming platforms?  



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