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Top Legal Marketing Podcasts of 2022

by Guy Alvarez • December 20th, 2022 • Legal Marketing | Blog

Our Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast has covered a diverse range of topics, with host Guy Alvarez sitting down with many of the toplegal marketing podcasts leaders and changemakers in the world of legal marketing.

From the importance of DEI to forging relationships through marketing to the necessity of a client-centric approach to marketing, there was truly no shortage of important issues addressed over the past year. Here are the top 10 Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcasts of 2022.

1. Episode 171: How to Effectively Scale and Operate a Law Firm as a Lawyer and CEO

In this episode, guest Reza Torkzadeh, founder and CEO of Torklaw, discusses the challenging endeavor of running your own law firm. From marketing to business strategy, Reza gives some great insights into his experience running a law firm. 

legal marketing analytics podcast2. Episode 154: Marketing Analytics Trends at Law Firms

In this episode, guest Jason Kennedy of Calibrate Strategies speaks on marketing analytics for law firms. He gives his expert insight on adapting your skillset to fit marketing analytics, challenges with legal marketing analytics and how to overcome them, and much more.

3. Episode 153: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trends in the Legal Industry

In this episode, guest Lloyd Johnson, CEO of Chief Legal Executive and Founder of Black-In House Counsel, discusses DEI in the legal industry. He gives a great overview of DEI trends and how law firms can implement DEI.

4. Episode 152: How to Advance Your Career in Professional Services 

In this episode, guest Dominic Ayres of Eversheds Sutherland goes over how to advance careers in professional services marketing. He mentions insights he gained from his career experiences and in the writing of his book: How to Advance Your Career in Professional Services Marketing.

5. Episode 150: The Importance of Client-Centric Law and Why Sector-Focused Sales is Necessary in the Legal Industry

In this episode, guest Catherine Zinn, Chief Client Officer of Baker Botts, discusses her client-centered approach to marketing and business development. In addition to discussing what it’s like to be chief client officer, she offers her expert insights on understanding the client’s wants and how that should impact marketing and business development plans.

legal marketing technology podcast6. Episode 165: How Can We Leverage People and Processes to Drive Technology Implementations

In this episode, guest Eric Feldman of Wiggin & Dana speaks on best practices for implementing technology. He goes over his experiences with marketing technology, and how to implement it the right way.

7. Episode 169: It’s All About Relationships- Techniques to Establish and Deepen Client Relationships to Grow Business 

In this episode, guest Rebecca Edwards of Williams Mullen gives her insights on how to have successful client relationships in the legal industry. Rebecca gives advice on forming, strengthening, and leveraging these relationships.

8. Episode 160: How You Can Raise Your Law Firm’s Brand Awareness withpodcasting style for law firms Podcasts and Videos

In this episode, guest Rosa Colón of Lowenstein Sandler shares how law firms can leverage podcasts and videos. Rosa discusses exactly how firms can successfully incorporate podcasts and videos into their marketing and business development strategies.

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9. Episode 155: The Significance of Storytelling and Authenticity in Law and Content Marketing

In this episode, guest Shreya Ley of Lay Roots discusses the significance of storytelling and authenticity. She shares her expert insight on implementing this into content marketing and your overall law practice.

10. Episode 168: To Be Different, You Need to Think Different

In this episode, guest Allan Schoenberg of Vinson & Elkins speaks on how law firms can leverage marketing to stand out in their industry. Allan mentions insights he’s gained from his experiences and much more. 


As legal marketers head into 2023, it’s important to leverage media like podcasts to stay up to date on all the most important legal marketing trends out there. If you’d like to stay up to date on the world of legal marketing throughout the year, subscribe to our podcast. We release episodes weekly with leaders in the legal industry.


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