law firm youtubeVideo continues to be one of the most effective content formats online. In fact, research shows that marketers who use video can grow revenue nearly 50 percent faster. With more than 1 billion users, YouTube is by far the most popular video platform there is. More than 50 percent of people watch more than an hour of video on the platform a week, making the platform ideal for law firms to promote themselves. If your law firm is not on YouTube, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to engage and connect with clients and prospects. To learn how to distinguish your law firm from the rest, we’ll show you how 5 innovative law firms are utilizing YouTube to its full potential. 

Jones Day

Jones Day placed #1 on YouTube in this year’s Social Law Firm Index for a multitude of reasons. Jones Day’s YouTube channel demonstrates authority and credibility that you expect from a high-profile firm. They have hundreds and many times thousands of video views because their content is engaging and client-centric. Additionally, they’ve organized all of their content into playlists to help keep the topics organized and easy to choose from for their subscribers. 

Jones Day does an excellent job of producing useful videos covering topics like trends, educational/deep dives, and more. Their videos feature real people from the firm and are not overly promotional. In fact, every video is conversational but remains informative. Take a look at one of Jones Day’s videos discussing one of their practice areas and you’ll notice that the content is easily digestible and avoids legal jargon. 

Mayer Brown

Mayer Brown’s trove of YouTube video content stands out as memorable and engaging. It’s no wonder they’ve built a massive following with more than 1,000 subscribers. They’ve also designed a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate channel with organized playlists for their subscribers to browse through. Like Jones Day, their channel features actual Mayer Brown attorneys, which brings a necessary human component. Additionally, their videos highlight topics and trends relevant to their clients all around the world. Professionally produced and with closed-captioning text, Mayer Brown’s YouTube channel is a great example of how to use video as an extension of your brand.

Latham & Watkins 

Latham & Watkins has done an excellent job of taking complicated legal issues and breaking them down into easy-to-understand short videos. The firm’s YouTube page is full of videos featuring a diverse cast of men and women and focused on sharply produced educational content. One of their more popular series breaks down health care and science terminology, explaining legal and regulatory terms. Notice how this firm takes advantage of the description section by adding a link to an ebook they provide. They add captions and use keywords, which helps make their videos more discoverable on YouTube. 

White & Case 

With just about 900 subscribers, White & Case churns out videos regularly on YouTube. Topics range from cultural and firm insights, to women’s initiatives, and their global citizenship participation. All of their videos are beautifully produced and often sum up complex topics in a short amount of time to quickly educate clients and prospects. They have set the standard by creating videos that highlight their services, expertise, as well as commitment to helping the broader community through their Global Citizenship pro bono practice.

Baker McKenzie

Another well purposed YouTube channel with a universal twist, Baker McKenzie stands out with their “Our Global Reach” playlist. Yes, Baker Mckenzie’s presence in China is highly impressive but what we find as digital marketing experts to be exceptional is their content approach. With the use of multimedia, the firm theoretically brings their clients overseas to these Chinese cities. Additionally, this video also uses photos of Baker Mckenzie attorneys in China to showcase their global accomplishments. Most Youtube viewers have an aversion towards advertising on YouTube. This makes it difficult for your firm to raise awareness while keeping your viewers entertained. Baker Mckenzie creates an emotional connection with their clients and remains to be a very memorable firm through their YouTube channel.


These top 5 law firms on YouTube are effective at utilizing video to communicate their breadth of knowledge and expertise. Each firm spends the time and effort to produce high-quality videos that feature the partners and associates at the firm for a more personalized viewing experience. Just as importantly, their YouTube pages and channels are organized and optimized for visibility and exposure. If you want your videos to appear more often in front of your target audience while they’re perusing through YouTube, check out our post: YouTube for Law Firms: How to Boost Video Visibility.

For a list of the top 25 firms on YouTube, download our 2019 Social Law Firm Index.

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