Legal Marketing Tool Buffer Schedules Posts For Your Social Accounts

Buffer is a tool that focuses on content scheduling and publishing to channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, G+, and Pinterest.

In the past we’ve discussed the importance of creating an editorial calendar for your blog in order to stay organized and plan ahead. However, the same type of scheduling is essential for your social media strategy as well. In the first post of our legal marketing tools series, we introduced Feedly, a platform to facilitate content curation for your law firm’s thought leadership efforts.  In this post we will highlight Buffer – an application that makes content scheduling simple.

With Buffer you can choose to post immediately or in the future. Collaboration features make it easy for entire teams within a company to schedule and share content through the platform. Buffer also comes with features like URL shortening and a free image editing tool to make creating and socializing content more accessible.


For busy lawyers and legal marketers, scheduling social media posts may seem like a superfluous task. However, it can actually help you adhere to your social media strategy with even less stress. If you post a blog or podcast weekly around the same time, you can plan this ahead with Buffer. For those who already have a structured posting schedule, you can customize the times your posts go out each day or week. Another option is to allow Buffer’s algorithms to determine the optimum times to schedule your posts in order to yield the best levels of reach and engagement.


While Buffer may not offer the same volume of management and analytics capabilities as tools like Hootsuite, it is one of the most flexible when it comes to integration. Like Feedly, Buffer lets you compile and post from RSS feeds. You can also connect a variety of marketing automation tools and platforms like WordPress that will allow you to efficiently and effectively set up hundreds of posts in advance, eliminating the need to think about your social media schedule on a daily basis.


Buffer has a basic set of analytics tools that allow you to measure reach and engagement metrics across channels. This will help you see the types of posts that are performing well and determine the best time to publish your content. Unfortunately, you can only measure analytics for the posts that you publish through the tool itself.


Buffer offers a variety of pricing levels from a free plan to a $600 a month premium account. Buffer is one of the most useful legal marketing tools for scheduling content to go out on social media. For smaller law firms or solo lawyers who want a simple platform that saves them time, Buffer is an excellent choice. 

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