organization tools for law firmsThese previous weeks have marked a new era in the legal industry and in business operations as a whole. Litigation has come to a standstill and remote working environments are the new norm. Whether you’re a lawyer or a law firm marketer, we understand how you might be feeling overwhelmed by the sudden impact the novel coronavirus has had on your day-to-day work.

Although these circumstances may be new for your law firm, remote working is not a new concept. And fortunately, there are many technological-based tools you can adopt to ensure your dispersed team stays connected, productive, and efficient. The following tools are some of our favorite when it comes to communicating, collaborating, and organizing tasks among law firm employees. 

Tools for better communication among lawyers and law firm marketing teams

The following tools can help you and your team communicate key information securely and help manage tasks effortlessly.

  • Slack: It is a virtual version of direct interaction in the workplace. You can communicate using this tool to chat with fellow lawyers at the law firm every day. These interactions are always vital. They help you to stay in touch with everyone as well as to stay updated on current matters at the law firm
  • Glip: This is a good and strong team communicating tool. You can use this tool to have a real-time group video chat with your law firm marketing team.
  • Skype: It is a simple face-to-face video chatting tool that you can use to interact with your fellow lawyers, clients, and co-counsel.
  • It is a good communication and collaboration tool. It provides you a secure way of communicating with one another in the virtual law firm. You can have your personal URL and with its secure audio, recording, and scheduling feature you can easily discuss confidential cases together. 

Tools that can help lawyers and law firm marketing teams to collaborate among themselves

When it comes to having secure conversations with a team or the client, the following tools can help. You can schedule meetings and hold conference calls with people across the globe seamlessly.

  • GoToMeeting: It’s time for “social distancing” and having an actual meeting is a big no-no. To function smoothly and be a strong united front as a firm, you can use this video conferencing tool to collaborate with each other. Its cloud recording features help you to have a record of all the discussions, therefore you don’t need to take any notes. 
  • Zoom: An easy to use, video conferencing tool that enables you to collaborate with your teammates through a secure connection. So if you are discussing client confidential information pertaining to the case you don’t have to worry about information breach. Moreover, Zoom encrypts discussion recording, thus enabling only the concerned people to have access to it. 
  • Flowdock: It provides a virtual workplace environment where you can easily converse and collaborate on cases. It is an excellent tool for discussing any confidential case through its ‘1:1 flow’ feature. Its color-coded conversation ‘flow’ keeps conversations organized too. 

Tools to help keep everyone at your law firm organized

Maintaining the efficiency level and productivity of your firm is imperative when things go virtual. The below-mentioned organization tools can help you and your law firm’s team manage tasks, assign, delegate and keep a check on milestones or goals easily.

  • Asana: Asana helps you to stay organized. Its features like calendar, dashboard, and to-do lists keep you ‘on track’ with cases. If you and others in your law firm are working together on cases, you can discuss and keep track of work progress for different cases using this tool. 
  • Basecamp: Basecamp is a perfect tool if as a team you are working on a case and you need to discuss legal issues, share files, prepare a task plan for a case, etc. This is an essential platform for keeping the right information organized in one place when working remotely. 
  • Dropbox: Dropbox is a cloud-based secured platform that helps you share confidential and important files amongst your law teammates and with clients. You can store files on this platform and have web shortcuts together in one place. This feature helps you to stay organized and saves valuable time in searching for documents. 
  • Google Drive: This cloud-based platform is free for storing and organizing internal documents. Law firm marketers prefer this platform for its ease of use. If you are working together on one document and you need multiple people to work on the same document, this cloud-based organization tool is the best option for your law firm’s team.


Big law firms, after closing their offices in the U.S. and globally, have asked their lawyers to work remotely. They truly agree that with advanced technology in remote working, any law firm’s operations can function uninterrupted and can provide the highest level of service even in these critical times. Hence, by using such tools for better organization and collaboration mentioned above, you and your law firm’s team can work remotely in an efficient manner keeping the productivity level in check.

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