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How to Use Twitter to Increase Your Law Firm’s Search Visibility

by Noreen Fishman • October 24th, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool, and many firms use it to expand their social media following and engagement. But did you know it can also help with increasing search visibility online? In this guide, we are going to cover how to use Twitter for law firms to increase search visibility. twitter for law firms

Twitter for Law Firms

1. Start by Evaluating Current Brand Identity and Awareness

As a first step, we suggest Googling your firm to see what comes up. For many organizations, the first thing that appears is a Twitter carousel. Many searchers like to browse this carousel and get a feel for the brand before they move further down the results page and click on more links. Such a carousel is important because:

It provides an opportunity for your firm to control what appears first in search results. This is an extremely rare thing. Generally, you are at the mercy of what the search results pull. With a Twitter carousel, the first result will be populated with what you actually wanted to say. 

This content gives readers a good idea of what your firm is about. You can connect with your audience through an authentic and easily digestible format. 

So, first of all, try that search and see what comes up. If you’re on Twitter already, ideally some of that content appears. If not, you’ll quickly see how there is an opportunity to generate more search-friendly content. 

2. Make the Most of Twitter Carousels

As mentioned above, this is a really powerful feature that can be used to share relevant and relatable content. Some of the most important tactics to consider with Twitter for law firms: 

  • Discuss trending topics – Grab the attention of your audience by showing how knowledgeable, timely, and up-to-date you are. What are people in your industry talking about? What’s the latest with your firm? Create a carousel with engaging copy and attractive imagery to make a great first impression. 
  • Show that you deliver content that your audience cares about – One of the most important things you can do is to highlight that you have the answers to peoples’ pressing questions. Keep in mind the everyday challenges that potential clients are facing. Then, think about what they would like to learn more about and what content you have that addresses these issues. Share those items in a carousel. 
  • Mention other accounts (and have them mention you) – Interacting with other relevant accounts and tagging them in tweets not only increases search presence but also signals your credibility. Consider the different key publications, thought leaders, industry groups, or influencers in your space. How can you regularly engage with them on Twitter? Start by looking for things you have in common or things that you can collaborate on. This is an important way of getting content in front of new audiences. It also generates authenticity around your firm when people see other names that they recognize in association with it. 
  • Use popular and relevant hashtags – Incorporate key hashtags in your tweets but do so naturally and sparingly. This gives you a better chance to rank in SERPs because hashtags are an important part of search and how things become discoverable. We suggest using no more than 7 hashtags; ideally, 3-5 highly targeted and applicable hashtags should be present. 
  • Highlight your brand message – Your audience shouldn’t be confused by your tweets. They should be able to see your carousel and have a clear understanding of what your firm is about and why they should care. Make sure each of your tweets is in line with your overall brand concepts, and use targeted keywords and clear calls-to-action to get attention and keep people engaged. 
  • Have team members share content – Remember that the Twitter carousel appears for individuals as well. That means it’s a good use of time to encourage staff to promote content. Doing so can improve search visibility and reach. 

3. Stay Active and Build Your Following

Remaining engaged on Twitter – and on all social media – is essential to building your audience and gaining more traction. That being said, don’t tweet just to tweet. Content should be relevant and somehow valuable to your audience. Remember that search engines are starting to take into account the legitimacy of social media postings, so continue to share insights as an expert in your industry. Reply to comments, thank people for following, respond to questions, and retweet others’ great content. Take a few minutes every day to focus on Twitter for law firms and your content is likely to reach new audiences over time, making your firm much more visible online. 

4. Promote Content

Going through the above steps is a crucial start, but the work doesn’t stop there. Having a Twitter strategy for distributing and promoting content long-term is essential. The plan should go beyond simply sharing content on a weekly basis. Think about promoting evergreen content and brand-specific content throughout the month, and consider which content you’ll share throughout the year to keep your brand messaging present and consistent. Generating shares and retweets are also important from a link-building perspective, so consider ways to be intentional about doing that (remember that links are an important signal to search engines for rankings). In general, the more reach you have on social media, the more opportunities users will have to see and engage with your content online. 

5. Optimize Your Social Media Bios

As with most social media platforms, what you put in your bio can have a large impact on overall visibility. Optimizing your firm’s Twitter bio is essential, not just for search engines, but because it’s the first thing people see when they click your profile. Your first impression should be a great one, and people should have a clear idea of your firm and your mission. Create a concise but compelling overview of your firm and add a link to your website. Make sure to incorporate researched keywords and hashtags that will gain attention. 


Though Twitter is a smaller platform than Facebook or Instagram, it’s an incredibly important one for a few different reasons. Twitter has 396.5 Million users globally and offers unique features that can help with online visibility in ways that other social media channels can’t. Use this guide to create Twitter carousels that will give you more control over what appears in search results. Make sure to remain active and engaged in order to broaden your reach and expand your discoverability. Need more advice on social tactics? Our social media team can help you to get your message out, engage more people, and generate new leads. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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