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The Ultimate Guide to Law Firm Internet Marketing

by Kevin Vermeulen • May 23rd, 2022 • Digital Marketing | Blog

The internet is a huge environment and growing every day. Almost 5 billion people throughout the world use the internet, and marketing experts know that meeting your target audience where they are is crucial. Here’s what legal marketers need to know about the topic of law firm internet marketing, along with specific tactics that are important in today’s landscape. 

What is Internet Marketing? law firm internet marketing

Also called online marketing, internet marketing is a type of marketing that uses the internet to serve promotional messages to potential clients through digital clients. Internet channels include search engines, email, websites, and social media. Strategies designed for online marketing include things like web design, SEO, PPC, and other internet-related tactics. The overall goal of internet marketing is to help your firm to reach and attract your target audience and eventually convert them into clients. Additionally, internet marketing offers several benefits that more traditional methods don’t. The scope of reach, the ability to customize content, and the options for nurturing specific relationships are just a few of the advantages of internet marketing. 

Internet marketing can be used to attract new clients as well as to create more brand loyalty. To help acquire new clients, you’ll want to focus on tactics like paid media ads, search engines, and web design. For example, using Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences to find new audiences within your core demographics would fall into this category. SEO is also a crucial component of using internet marketing to reach new prospects. Email, blogging, and social media tactics can help to cultivate brand loyalty and increase awareness of your firm. Email nurturing campaigns are a great example of this. 

Finally, it’s worth noting that content marketing and internet marketing are very similar, but shouldn’t be considered the same. Content marketing typically lives under the umbrella of internet marketing. Online marketing is the broad strategy, and content marketing is one process within that strategy. 

15 Strategies for Successful Law Firm Internet Marketing

Though there are limitless strategies that can be applied to law firm internet marketing, some are more effective than others. In today’s landscape, there are some tactics to pay more attention to. 

1. Consider Audio Content

Things like podcasts and audio chat rooms can help you to make connections. These platforms are becoming more popular, and you should plan on your competitors using them. 

To gain an in-depth understanding of how to launch a podcast for your firm, check out this free eBook, The Law Firm Guide to Podcasting.

2. Create Short-form Video Contentlaw firm internet marketing

Helped partly by the success of TikTok, consumers seem to be more drawn to short videos. Other platforms are leaning into this trend, such as the Reels feature on Instagram. 

3. Repurpose When Possible

Re-using existing content can extend the lifespan and reach of your efforts. Think about tactics like updating past blog posts, using video clips on social media, and creating infographics from a white paper’s research. 

4. Pay Attention to Permanent Social Media Content

While Stories, Reels, and other temporary features have become more popular, there is still a place for content that won’t disappear. Include your most valuable information and posts in your permanent social media activity. 

5. Ensure Your Website is User-friendly

Many times, your goal is to drive traffic to your website. A clean and well-organized site is good for search engine results and for encouraging people to stick around and explore. 

6. Practice SEO

Search engines play a vital role in online marketing. Follow SEO best practices consistently, such as performing keyword research and ensuring you’re following technical best practices. For an overview of SEO basics, watch our free one-hour webinar

7. Develop Opt-in Email Campaigns

One of the most effective long-term strategies is using email to connect with potential clients. You can use opt-in campaigns to consistently reach prospects and nurture leads. 

8. Create Online Press Releases

Online press releases can increase coverage of your firm from other sources. This is good for SERPs and can make your firm more visible to additional audiences. 

9. Keep a Blog

Blogging is one of the most important ways of attracting people to your website and introducing them to your expertise. Blogging is particularly important for building thought leadership in the legal field and provides an avenue for incorporating keyword research and other SEO best practices. 

10. Create Social Media Campaignslaw firm internet marketing

Social activity is a great way to engage with your online audience. You can also use the analytics from your campaigns to inform other marketing efforts. 

11. Try Pay-per-click Advertising

PPC is an advertising model where advertisers pay only when people click on their ad. It’s most commonly used in search engines to improve your chances of appearing when someone searches for related services. 

12. Understand CRO

Conversion rate optimization involves designing your website in a way that encourages visitors to take the next desired action. A CRO strategy includes tactics like adding relevant CTAs or inviting readers to submit their email in exchange for content. 

13. Post Videos on YouTube

Video marketing has become undeniably popular. Platforms like YouTube operate as their own search engine, so make sure to develop a comprehensive video content strategy that includes optimizing for search. 

14. Find the Right Influencer for your Firm

Influencer marketing is becoming more common every day, but it’s important to find one worth collaborating with. Micro-influencers can be more cost-effective and are more likely to be relevant in niche industries. 

15. Create Specialized Social Media Groups

Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and other social media communities can be very effective for creating strong relationships with your audience. Use these communities to seek out opportunities for engaging with potential clients. 


One of the main components of impactful internet marketing is sharing content that is helpful and meaningful to your audience – regardless of platform.  Think about what could actually add value to your clients’ or prospects’ lives. This is the best way to attract an audience and strengthen relationships. For more advice on how to make the most of internet marketing, reach out to our experts. 


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