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The Most Important Legal Marketing Skills in 2019

by Guy Alvarez • June 7th, 2019 • Legal Marketing | Blog

legal marketing skillsIn today’s competitive legal landscape, the role of legal marketers is beginning to shift from a tactical role to a more strategic role. Thus, with a change in responsibilities comes a change in specific skill sets that are sought out in prospective legal marketers. The acquisition of these skills are essential not only to a legal marketer’s success, but to the law firm’s as well. As a marketer, here are five legal marketing skills that will set you apart from the competition in 2019.

Understanding of Data Science

The Marketing Director functions as the orchestrator of an agency, and depending on the task at hand, the “think” people really come into play. These people are those who are familiar with data analytics, and we’re seeing an increased need for this type of analytical knowledge. Firms are hiring people who can not only comprehend analytics, but glean actionable insights from them as well. One of the most valuable sought after jobs out there is that of the data scientist, otherwise called the “sexiest job in America”. Data science allows marketers to become more efficient, and more capable of getting the most out of their firm’s marketing budget. While data science maintains the ability to gauge the occurrences of the present, perhaps even more important is its ability to predict what’s to come in the future. Through analyses such as a regression analysis, a law firm can begin to better anticipate and understand their clients’ needs and behavior.

Technologically Advanced

Even if it’s the copywriter, a knowledge of technology is a must, especially in the modern world we live in. Laura Galeano, Chief Marketing Officer at Bilzin Sumberg, said in a recent webinar for Good2bSocial, “One of my favorite questions that I ask in the interview process is, ‘What is one of your favorite technology tools?’ I think that gives me good insight into a person’s skill set.” Being able to not only operate, but thoroughly understand technology also contributes to the overall decision making dynamic in a firm, creating a sense of easiness in even daily tasks.

Strong Organizational Skills

In today’s workforce, everyone must have the ability to multitask – it’s no longer reserved only for the select few. Therefore, the skill has become highly desired by recruiters and bosses, not only because it’s an admirable trait, but a cost efficient one as well. An organized worker in the office maintains the ability to stay calm and problem solve in the wake of a problem or unexpected issue due to their knowledge and composure surrounding the subject. Hence, in the case that something does go array in the office, an organized worker can not only save the company time, but money as well. Today legal marketers often wear many hats within a firm – from handling media relations to event marketing and even managing the firm’s website – marketing professionals at law firms need to be able to handle a multitude of responsibilities at once.

Ability to Work in a Team Environment

Digital dynamics are often interwoven, and hence being able to work with other people in a corporate setting is crucial to the success of a law firm. Oftentimes, individuals who are capable of working in a team are also able to be transparent and versatile. It’s often assumed that an employee who is good at working with others is only beneficial to the firm they work for, but such is not the case. If all members of a team behave in an adequate and desirable manner, not only is work completed at a rapid pace, but the overall work experience is bettered. This change may result in further positive attributes including higher worker morale and productivity. However, when working with other people, conflict is oftentimes unavoidable due to a difference in opinions or morale. When such a thing is bound to occur, hiring individuals who are able to work in a team means that these same people have the ability to properly navigate any difficulties that may arise.


While the aforementioned skills are currently high in demand, make sure to note that the legal marketing landscape is constantly molding itself to modern day standards and trends. What does this mean for the skill sets desired in legal marketers? They’ll also continue to change. For this reason, adaptability may just be the most coveted skills for marketers in the digital age. It’s critical to continue to build and rebuild your skill sets, as you never know what might become the next necessary skill for legal marketers. To learn best practices of digital marketing and help take your firm’s digital strategy to the next level, register now for our second Digital Marketing Certification Course starting in June 2019.

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