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Hacking the Law: Evolution or Revolution?

What is the future of legal technology? Will it evolve over time or will it be violently disrupted by a series of events? Last Friday, I had the opportunity to get a glimpse of what the future of legal technology might hold when I attended an all day conference at my alma mater,  Brooklyn Law […]

The Social Law School: A Call for Change

On February 7 over 800 people gathered at the ReInvent Law NYC event to discuss the future of law and the impact of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the legal services industry. The audience included a diverse group of people: large firm lawyers and legal professionals, solo practitioners, entrepreneurs, techies, academics and others. One of the […]

Tweeting Sweet Nothings in the Millennials' Ears

There was an interesting article in The New York Times last weekend about the growing importance for companies of all sizes to embrace the mindset of the up and coming Millennial generation. As we have written – the Millennials will be the first wave to enter the workforce having been weaned on social media – their […]

Is Social Collaboration the Key to Associate Retention?

Meet Charles Newbie. Charles is a first year associate at an Am Law 100 law firm. Charles has been given the task of researching whether or not a client violated Section 19(b)(1) and Section 19(g)(1) of the Securities Exchange Act as well as Section 17(a) and Rule 17a-1 when it failed to promptly provide information requested by […]

What’s Next? Four Emerging Social Networks to Monitor

  Pinterest? Been There, Done That. Instagram? That’s yesterdays’ news. Tell me what’s hot. Tell me what’s new. Tell me what, as a social media marketing professional, I should be paying attention to. Well….after conducting exhaustive research and speaking to the so-called “experts”, here are four public emerging social networks that in my opinion have […]

What Can Kids Teach Us About Social Media?

Do you find yourself constantly competing for your kids attention? When you are having dinner, or at a movie or sitting in the car trying to have a conversation? I do. All the time. It is a constant source of irritation for me because as a divorced father I really don’t get to spend that […]