Podcast Production

Podcasts are exploding in popularity and the legal industry is no exception. Podcasts can be newsworthy, entertaining, or educational. Or, a mix of all three.

Hosting a podcast helps law firms facilitate meaningful relationships with influencers, enhance their lawyers thought leadership position and provide useful and timely information to clients and prospects.

Podcast ProductionGood2bSocial offers podcast planning, production, and promotional services for law firms, lawyers and legal professionals. We handle the technical and production details to make you sound great and then we help you promote your podcasts so that they reach your target audience. 

Everyone has different needs or objectives and we offer services to fit your unique marketing and business development goals.

Our Podcast Services include: 

  • A template for reaching out to potential guests that you’d like to interview on the show. 
  • We manage and moderate your firm’s podcast interviews. 
  • Provide recommendations for recording such as microphone, headset, how to reduce echo, length of recording, frequency, etc. 
  • Provide a template for your intro and outro messages. 
  • Research and choose, with your approval, a royalty-free jingle that accompanies the introduction and conclusion. 
  • In post-production, our audio engineer smooths out the rough edges and adds the royalty-free jingle. 
  • Submit the recording to a podcast host such as industry giant, Libsyn, with whom we have extensive experience. 
  • Use the unique URL or RSS feed that the podcast host provides to setup automatic feeds to iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and other podcast platforms. 
  • Compose the podcast show notes, a written summary of the episode which can be use for a blog post and other promotional efforts. 
  • Develop a promotion strategy that includes social media, email marketing, search engine optimization and online marketing 
  • Help to measure the effectiveness of your podcasts and provide guidance on how to improve your results.

Have a great idea for a podcast and want to make it happen?

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