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5 SEO Tactics for Legal Vendors to Target the Top of the Sales Funnel

by Guy Alvarez • July 27th, 2018 • SEO | Blog

seo tactics for legal vendorsLegal vendors are often incredibly sales focused, meaning they spend the bulk of their attention, budget, and effort on the bottom of the sales funnel – where leads are converted into clients. In the past, most SEO professionals have also focused on the bottom part of the sales funnel. However, digital marketing is changing which means it’s time to switch the focal point to the top of the sales funnel.

Why? Because before you convert leads, you must first attract new clients for the company and there are some SEO tactics that can be implemented to help make this happen.

These five easy SEO tactics for legal vendors will help bring awareness to your company and attract potential clients:

Change Your SEO Mentality

First, it’s important to change the way that you view your marketing campaign. There’s a journey every prospect goes through to become a paying client. Rather than focusing on just the last click an individual makes before a sale, pay attention to the entire length of the buyer’s journey including what makes them first attracted to your services.


Switch Up Your Keyword List to Include Long-Tail Keywords

Some SEO professionals may stay clear of long-tail keywords, but that’s a mistake. Yoast defines long tail keywords as keywords that are normally longer and more specific than a targeted keyword.

Although long-tail keywords get less traffic than targeted keywords, they do have a higher conversion rate at 36% compared to targeted keywords.

Long-tail keywords will allow you to create marketing copy that will really resonate well clients as they are typically specific and related to niche topics. Therefore, leading to more conversions for your company.

Answer the Questions that Your Potential Clients May Have

The worst mistake marketers make is not thinking like their clients. The best tactic that you can use to help your potential clients move through your funnel is to anticipate and answer any questions that they may have through content. Use the wording of those questions and answers as your long-tailed keywords. For example, someone in need of an online service that organizes case information securely won’t necessarily search “legal technology” or even “law practice management system”. Rather, they may ask Google, “How do I organize and manage my cases better?” and in turn, you can write an article with a related keyword.  

Take Advantage of Testimonials

Case studies and testimonials are effective ways to gain clients’ initial trust. Ask a previous client for a detailed testimonial after working together to showcase your expertise and successes to prospects. Video testimonials are an even more engaging medium to highlight your experience. A video testimonial can increase your conversion rate by 80%. Presenting your potential clients with testimonials can help funnel them through the decision stage of their buyer’s journey.

Create New Goals

It’s crucial that legal vendors focus on other digital metrics besides just leads and sales. For example, how many opt-ins were made for the company newsletter, how many visitors did your search engine optimization bring to your website, or how many leads did you receive from forms on your site? By creating new goals for your campaign, you can begin to determine the ROI of your SEO efforts.

When optimizing your website content to rank highly on search engines, you must consider each stage of the buyer’s journey that your prospects are at. As a legal vendor it’s important to constantly bring in new clients which you can only effectively do by gradually guiding your prospects from initial awareness to the final sale. 

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