Repurposing Law Firm Content If you search on Google, then you’re familiar with featured snippets. Always helpful, have you given much thought to how these are selected? They are key for your firm’s content and SEO efforts, for a few reasons:

  • They make search easier for users – which directly contributes to rankings and credibility with search engines.
  • Featured Snippets help with voice search, which is becoming increasingly important as people use voice commands on their devices.
  • Google is shifting toward an emphasis on user intent, and helping your users understand up front what they can expect to find on your site demonstrates that your company is focused on this and can provide the content visitors are looking for.

Types of Featured Snippets

There are four types of featured snippets: paragraphs, lists, tables, and videos. Paragraphs are by far the most common, but those with images or or other attention-getting elements tend to perform well and really boost traffic.

To optimize your content for a paragraph snippet, you want to think like potential web visitors. That is, how do they search and what are they searching for? Chances are, their search string is in the form of a question. For example, instead of a page titled “The Personal Injury Litigation Process” consider a topic and header like, “What do you do when you’re injured at work?” Next, you want to provide a concise answer to the question you posed. You’ll only get about 40 or 50 words to do so, so keep it short and clear. Here is an example of a paragraph featured snippet.

The next most important type of snippet is a list. These can be numbered, such as when there are steps that should be taken in a certain order, or bulleted when specific order doesn’t matter. For these types, you want to again provide a brief description for Google to pick up. Here too, you’ll include the heading as a question, and then the answer in 40-50 words. If all of your listed content won’t fit in the featured snippet, Google adds “More items” which can be great for click-through rates! Here’s an example of a list format.

Repurposing Content

If your law firm already has a wealth of great content that’s not yet optimized for featured snippets, there’s opportunity to repurpose your existing content. We recommend doing some initial SEO research to see which terms your firm holds a snippet for and which keywords your competitors are appearing for that you would like to be. Then, choose content that you’ve already published and reformat it into highly structured posts that Google is more likely to feature. Implementing a featured snippets strategy like this at your law firm is a great way to improve SEO and increase brand awareness.


As Google continues to tailor results to match a user’s intent, featured snippets will become more and more important. It’s critical that you understand how to tailor your content to these snippets so that you can stand out from competitors while also building your ranking. If you need assistance, let us know!