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Four Proven Tips For Promoting E-Books

by Kevin Vermeulen • November 24th, 2017 • Content Marketing | Blog

Promoting E-BooksE-books are a time-tested way to get the word out about your knowledge, skills, and expertise and provide helpful information to your target audience on a particular subject. If done correctly, e-books can also help to generate a healthy flow of income.

The main goal of an e-book is to obtain leads. E-books are the perfect way to present content that is too complex to be useful to anyone running a quick search, but not complex enough to require academic length texts. Content on just about any subject can be turned into an e-book that will act as a new source of leads for your law firm. 

That said, a significant barrier for many e-book writers is deciding on the most efficient way to promote their material. A large part of e-book content marketing is the actual writing process; coming up with something that provides true value to your audience. Another crucial element is implementing an effective book promotion to boost ROI.

Below are some guaranteed advertising tips and tricks to promoting your e-book efficiently.

Create And Follow A Detailed Strategy

The most critical thing, apart from the actual content of the book, is that you have a comprehensive plan on how to promote your e-book. Just adopting a generalized strategy you read about somewhere isn’t going to produce the results you’d like.

The key is going to be spending some time to determine and really get to know your target market. Check out where they socialize, what their habits are, what they love to do or get, and what makes them tick. From the results of your research, craft a comprehensive strategy that fits both with your e-book and your target market. When you have the plan in place, stick with it.

Promote The E-book Before Its Launch

In marketing, there’s no such thing as starting too soon. For your promotion to be spot on, you need to ascertain various matters up front. Establish your niche and your target market from the get go. From that moment on, every single piece of communication needs to be addressed specifically to this market.

About two to three months before the launch of your e-book, ramp up interest about it. Use the various social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. – and start building buzz about your e-book. Connect with your audience and be open to them. Mention that you’re finishing a book, and that it’s about to launch. Direct them to your website. But keep in mind not to hard sell at this point. Avoid blatant promotions like “buy my book, it’s awesome!”

This is also the perfect time to set up an email list. Start encouraging people to join your email list so they’ll be notified once the book is out. However, don’t use this medium too often at this stage. You want to let them know the state of the e-book periodically and when they can expect to see it. Don’t start sending them email messages about other random subjects. Otherwise, you’ll lose your subscribers. Instead, offer advantages and perks to early subscribers, such as a copy of the first chapter in advance.

At this stage, it is likely you already have a book title and a cover. Utilize both to design a “book launch” bundle: your author bio with a good photo, the book description, and different versions of the cover. You can add a unique freebie in the package that is exclusive to email subscribers.

Once you have produced buzz and interest in the e-book, set the launch date.

Make the Launch Date Fun, Exciting and Memorable

Much like a release date for a printed book, a launch date for an e-book should be enjoyable and unforgettable. Throw a launch party on your main social media platforms. Have exclusive giveaways like a special discount for the first few days. If they fit with your content, you can also try things like:

  • Stream a live video to interact with your followers
  • Have a Q&A session on one or more platforms
  • Hold a mini-contest where the winner gets a complimentary copy your e-book.
  • Share behind-the-scenes or candid photos of your work process

Keep the engagement alive during the launch day and keep working your marketing communications. Remind your list – because people easily forget – that the special discount is for a short period only.

Pay to Advertise the E-book

To ensure your e-book gets ahead of the competition and in front of your target market, consider spending some money on promotion. For instance, invest in a Facebook ad where your post will efficiently be integrated into users’ news feeds or sidebars. That way, you’ll have an increased chance of getting more clicks. When promoting paid ads, make sure to use an engaging cover or a photo of the e-book. Don’t forget to include compelling snippets to draw in customers.

An e-book is an excellent marketing medium to stand out from the crowd. You can showcase your expertise and acquire valuable leads in the process. It’s also the kind of content that can be used over and over again. You’ll be able to tie it into all kinds of other content and promotions that should boost your leads and revenue even further for a long time to come.

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