PPC is a complex area of digital marketing. Legal marketers often wonder which resources can help them to navigate an ever-evolving PPC landscape. Here we break down some of our favorite tools to help with PPC marketing for lawyers.

PPC Marketing for Lawyers

Tools for an Initial Audit

Before you dive into the world of PPC marketing for lawyers, you should perform an audit so you know where you stand and have a clear roadmap of what’s next. To do this, we like Wordstream Performance Grader and AdAlysis Performance Grader. Using proprietary grader algorithms, these platforms help you to determine how current campaigns are truly performing. You can try Wordstream’s tool for free, and get a detailed report on things like wasted spend, quality score, account activity, CTR, and more.

google ads performance grader for law firm PPC

Tools for Keyword Research

A keyword strategy is essential for successful PPC. Effective keywords really are the cornerstone of digital marketing. To perform this research, you’ll need to use third-party tools. We suggest the following: 

PPC keyword tool for law firms

These tools help you to find new and relevant keywords in just a few minutes. You can dig into keyword difficulty score, related keywords, keyword intent, cost-per-click, and a lot more. The Magic Tool allows you to enter a topic and receive a list of relevant keywords. 

Tools for Ad Creation

When it comes to creating ads, many legal marketers feel like it’s easier said than done. Designing compelling advertising content is not easy, but fortunately, there are a lot of resources out there for people who don’t have a full-time designer on staff. We like: 

  • Canva – This is a free and user-friendly tool that many marketers use for all types of graphic design.

ppc marketing for lawyers

  • Snappa – Another intuitive graphic design site that lets non-designers create ads, posts for social, and more. 
  • Bannersnack – This is an app that allows non-designers to create custom banners.

ppc ad image creator for law firms

  • Gifntext – A gif editing tool, you can perform several functions to customize gifs, such as adding moving text or slowing it down. 
  • Giphy – Focused on gifs and animated stickers, this site has a large database that is easily searchable.
  • Lumen5 (for video) – Video has become a crucial component of online marketing, and this platform enables marketers to create videos for content marketing, thought leadership, and brand awareness. 
  • SEMrush ad builder (for text) – SEMrush has a robust toolkit of options that marketers can use to create, monitor, and adjust campaign elements.

semrush for PPC ads for law firms

Tools for Landing Page Creation

The landing page that your ad leads to can make or break your campaign performance. To create the best landing pages for your efforts, try these tools: 

  • Unbounce – This platform offers landing page and conversion intelligence, as well as a smart builder that leverages insights from high-conversion pages.

unbounce for ppc landing pages

  • Wix – With this tool, you can create, design, manage and develop your web presence. 
  • Instapage – This tool allows you to build custom and personalized landing pages that are more likely to convert. 
  • Wishpond – Called an all-in-one marketing platform, Wishpond offers several tools that support building and improving websites.

landing page creation tool for law firm PPC

  • Google sites – This is a powerful tool that allows users to create sites using simple drag and drop functionality.

PPC marketing for lawyers

Tools for Bid Automation

Day-to-day bid activity is what drives your overall budget. Bidding well can provide you with a great ROI on PPC efforts. Many marketers use bid automation software to streamline and improve this process. Try tools like: 

  • Optmyzr – Aiming to make PPC management less complex, this tool offers options for creating, monitoring, and testing campaigns.

ppc bid automation tool for law firms

  • TapClicks – Marketed as a smart marketing cloud, the platform focuses on reporting and automation.

PPC ad automation for law firms

  • Adespresso – This tool allows you to analyze your campaigns and get more actionable insights. 
  • Acquisio – Powered by AI, this platform includes things like sales tools, optimization channels, and API integrations for better data.

Tools for Click Fraud Protection

Click fraud (or PPC fraud) is an unfortunate reality in this sector of digital marketing. When this happens, traffic statistics for online ads are artificially inflated. This can increase revenue for hosting websites and exhaust the budget of PPC advertisers. To protect against it, you can try tools like ClickCease, PPCprotect, or BrandVerity. ClickCease and PPCprotect prevent competitors or bots from clicking your ads, while BrandVerity seeks to stop trademark infringers. 

Tools for Call Tracking

Call analytics are an essential part of PPC marketing for lawyers. It’s particularly important for the legal field to track calls alongside campaigns since that’s the most likely conversion. To do that, you can try:

  • Invoca – Delivering real-time call analytics that can help marketers drive better performance.

call tracking tool for law firm PPC

  • CallRail – A call tracking software, this tool helps companies to record and monitor business calls. 
  • BounceHelp – This is a callback widget for your website, designed to help convert website visitors into leads.

ppc marketing for lawyers

  • Infinity – Considered a call intelligence platform, this tool helps with attribution and training phone agents. 

Tools for Reporting

Monitoring, measuring, and reporting on performance data is essential if you want to make the most of your PPC budget. Analytics is a hot topic in digital marketing, with new tools available all the time. Here are some that we like: 

  • Supermetrics – This is a very robust platform offering data visualizations, data extraction, data warehouses, and cloud storage.

ppc marketing for lawyers

  • AnyTrack – A conversion tracking software, this tool helps users to see the full picture of their marketing and sales channels, with context from current client data. 
  • SunnyReports – With this tool, you can create custom Google Ads reporting.
  • OWOX BI – This tool focuses on accurate marketing reporting and cookieless cross-device tracking. 

Tools for Split Testing

Performing various tests can play a significant role in improving PPC performance. There are some tools that can help marketers to manage the split testing process and results. Some of the best-known include Optimizely and Qualtrics Ad Testing Tool. These options go beyond just A/B testing and provide things like multivariate testing tools, website personalization, and feature toggle capabilities. 


If you’re looking for ways to improve your PPC strategy, try leveraging a few of these tools. These options will help you to create, test, manage and report on all of your campaigns. If you need help with your overall PPC strategy, reach out. We help firms of all sizes kick-start their website traffic and lead generation through keyword planning, effective budgeting, content management, and more.