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Podcast Ep. 50: Celebrating One Year of the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast. Thanks for Listening!

by Tim Baran • May 16th, 2018 • Podcast

A year ago we launched the Legal Marketing 2.0 podcast and what a journey it’s been. It’s exceeded our wildest expectations: not just with its popularity or number of downloads per episode, but the feedback we’ve received, the conversations we’ve had, the relationships we’ve gained, and the interest it has spurred in our services, including podcast production.

We’ve used the occasion of our one-year anniversary – and 50th episode – to do a retrospective and highlight some of our most popular episodes and some of our favorites – the ones that sparked conversations. Thank you for being on the journey with us and stay tuned for more in the coming year as we pursue our goal of bringing you relevant, useful, actionable content.

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Here are the Legal Marketing 2.0 podcast episodes Guy (@guylaw1313) and I (@tim_baran) discussed in this episode:

Ep. 39: Optimizing Attorney Bios with Mary Trice

Ep. 31: Harvard Law’s Dr. Heidi Gardner on the Benefits of Smart Collaboration for Law Firms

Ep. 26: K&L Gates CMO Jeff Berardi on Thinking Like a Client

Ep. 40: Thought Leadership Marketing with National Law Review’s Jennifer Schaller

Ep. 47: Competitive Advantage – Focus on the Client Experience with One North’s John Simpson

Ep. 43: LinkedIn for Business Development and Relationships with Judy Selby

Ep. 44: Tim Corcoran on the Relationship Between Law Firm Partners and Marketers in Driving Business Development

Ep. 41: The Right Content at Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey for Legal Services

Ep. 10: Law Firm CRM with Chris Fritsch

Ep. 19: LinkedIn Advertising

Ep. 5: Mapping the Law Firm Client Journey with Yolanda Cartusciello

Thanks again for listening and for being with us on this journey. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions for topics and guests. Please email Guy Alvarez at guy [at] good2bsocial.com.

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