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Podcast Ep. 110: How a Strong Law Firm Culture Dramatically Improves Marketing and Profitability

by Talia Schwartz • April 2nd, 2020 • Podcast

On this week’s episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 podcast, host Guy Alvarez and guest Eric Farber discuss the power and importance of developing a strong law firm culture. Eric Farber is the CEO at Pacific Workers’ Compensation Law Center and author of the new book, The Case for Culture. In his new book, Eric gives lawyers the wisdom and tools they need to transform themselves and their culture. Tune in to the episode as Eric discusses his new book and points out ways law firm leaders can spot toxic cultures so that they can work hard to improve them. You can connect with Eric on LinkedIn here.

Podcast Show Notes

How did you get to where you are today?

Initially I was a sports and entertainment lawyer, and I did that for over 20 years. After the 2008 recession, I transitioned and started representing athletes in their worker’s compensation cases. This lead to representing healthcare workers, first responders, delivery truck drivers and warehouse workers in their worker’s compensation cases. This was much more streamlined than what I was doing before and I enjoyed that more.

Why did you decide to write a book on law firm culture?

It was an incredible five year long journey where I took the lessons from regular business and I took the lessons from current thought leaders and really started putting together tools for law firms to increase their business development.

What are law firms’ current cultures like?

Their culture is similar to the caste system, they tend to separate the lawyers from everyone else. Not only is that bad for business, but it also puts a lot of pressure on the wares and demeans the others. 

How do you start to create a culture that is beneficial for the firm’s employees and lawyers, as well as from a marketing and business development perspective?

Law firms must start the conversation with what their mission is and where they want to go, but not only with their lawyers but with all of their staff so they can gather a range of ideas.

If a law firm were to consult you on how to create a new culture, what would be the first step?

The first thing to do is to write down the goals the firm wants to accomplish in a year, in three years and in five years, and also consider what values you want your firm to have. Then, have a meeting with everyone and open up the discussion about these goals and values. It’s important to get everyone’s input.

How can law firms use the change in culture to improve their marketing and profitability?

Well, it’s no question that an improved law firm culture will increase profits. This is very much due to the decrease in turnover. Having a better culture will make the firm a better place to work and less money will have to be spent on hiring new employees.


By creating a community of people and rallying them around a shared mission, you’ll build a law practice that will take care of you, not the other way around. If you want to grow your practice and be happy, start by building a stronger culture.

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