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Podcast Ep. 101: Law firm video marketing success: How attorneys can craft engaging videos to attract clients.

by Guy Alvarez • October 16th, 2019 • Uncategorized | Podcast

In this podcast, Guy interviews Robert Weiss, a marketing president at MultiVision Digital. Listen to the advice Robert has for attorneys looking to incorporate video as part of their law firm’s content marketing strategy. In the episode, Robert shares tips and techniques for developing engaging and effective law firm video marketing content to attract clients. You can connect with Robert on his website or LinkedIn


Podcast Show Notes

How did you get into video production and marketing?

I started in digital marketing and I sold software back when the internet first started, which helped me envision where video could go in the future.

Why should law firms think about using video as part of their content marketing strategy?

Now people use video to learn information and make decisions, including purchasing decisions. Attorneys can use video to inform prospects, build their trust and enhance their firm’s visibility.

What type of video should law firms be producing?

The theme and topic of the video should apply to the business strategy of the firm and follow those business objectives.

How long should the video be?

The length of the video depends on the firm’s business strategy, distribution and content because all of those will affect the type, length and amount of content that is produced. The firm should then take the video content that is produced and use it to make 15 to 30 second videos for posting on social media.

What is the best way to promote video online?

First, the firm should determine a main distribution channel for their specific objectives for video, in order to create the right content. If the law firm is launching a video campaign, they may want to think about launching a press release for the video campaign. The best way for attorneys to promote their video through social media and newsletters.

What are some tips to make sure one’s law firm video marketing is engaging?

Well you have to look at the content of the video and why people would watch it. If it is informational driven content, keep it that way so your viewers can have their questions answered and not get distracted by you trying to make a story out of the video. Also, do not make a script for the video, it will look and sound forced, perhaps make an outline instead because the partners of the law firm don’t need a script, they know what to talk about.

When should a firm use an iPhone or hire a professional videographer to shoot a video?

There is a place for both, and I recommend you use both. When you hire a video production company, your end result will be better quality film, which is important for your website. You will also learn a lot from the production company, such as how to be in front of a camera and how the whole production process works.


Video marketing provides law firms with an attractive, versatile, and shareable medium to reach their target audience. Video marketing can greatly impact the growth of your law firm, but there are a lot of pieces involved in developing a compelling video. For more tips on how you can use video to attract prospects, visit our blog post: 5 New Ways for Law Firms to Use Video

If you would like assistance developing a law firm video marketing strategy or are ready to start producing your own content, contact us for help. Whether you’re a large law firm that wants a fully produced video from start to finish, or a solo lawyer who just wants help editing the video you took on your phone – we can help.

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