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Podcast Episode 176: How to Prevent Problems When Switching Marketing Agencies

by Natalie Moe • November 10th, 2022 • Podcast

In this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, Guy Alvarez, the CEO and Founder of Good2bSocial, talks about some of the biggest mistakes that law firms make when it comes to handling their digital marketing credentials while transitioning from one agency to another. There are four specific areas Guy covers, where these issues come up.

Google Analytics 

The way that Google Analytics works is typically someone sets up an account for Google Analytics, then you set up one or more properties underneath this main account. The issue that we’ve run into with many clients is that their former agency creates the Google Analytics account under the master agency account of the agency. Then, if the client wants to leave that agency, they typically don’t want to give you permission to access that master account because they have other clients’ properties in that account. What I recommend to law firms and organizations when it comes to Google Analytics is to make sure that you create, or have the agency that you’re working with, create your own Google Analytics account for your firm. Make sure that if they have created a property under their main account that they give you admin-level access to that account.

Social Media Accounts

Similar to Google Analytics, law firms run into Facebook and Instagram access issues.  Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram created Facebook Business Manager accounts (now called Meta Business Suite), which allows an agency to control different Facebook and Instagram pages. This was done so that agencies and companies that handle multiple Facebook accounts can easily post and run Facebook advertising campaigns. Agencies will create their own agency Facebook business manager account, and then add your company page as a page that they manage. This again becomes a problem if you decide you want to part ways with the agency and don’t have admin-level access to your Facebook company page and admin-level access to your Facebook advertising account. If you have done this, or if you had a different agency, set up access for you, make sure you get admin-level access to your company page and Facebook advertising account.

DNS Management

Frequently, law firms that are creating their first website or firms that are changing the domain of their website to a new domain will ask their web agency to purchase the domain to make it easy to set up the website. The problem is that if they have ownership over that domain, they may not be willing to transfer over ownership if you decide to stop working with them. So make sure you have ownership over your domain and have the ability to manage this domain. This ensures you can change your hosting provider, redesign your website, and give certain people permissions to DNS management. This will also ensure that you are always on time when it comes time to renew your domain.

Google Business Profile

We have seen many firms that leave it up to their agency to create their Google Business Profile account (formerly known as Google My Business). When the firm or the organization decides to make a change, they don’t have access to the profile. However, it’s almost impossible to get a hold of Google. What they will ask to do is send a postcard, but they’re sending a postcard to an agency, or an account that the firm or the organization doesn’t have access to. So again, it is really important that someone at your firm creates that Google business profile, or if someone else created it, make sure they add you or someone in your firm as an owner of that Google business profile account. That way you can protect yourself, remove people, add people and make whatever changes you want to do.


These are just a few tips to protect your firm when you’re thinking about changing an agency, or when you have changed an agency. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any feature episodes, you can always go to https://good2bsocial.com/podcast/ to subscribe to this podcast and also listen to some of our past episodes.

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