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LinkedIn Matched Audiences: A Game Changer for Corporate Law Firms

by Tim Baran • April 27th, 2017 • Social Media | Blog

LinkedIn Matched Audiences for Law FirmsLinkedIn unveiled its new advertising platform LinkedIn Matched Audiences, with three tools: website retargeting, account targeting, and contact targeting, to help marketers target prospects with more personalized campaigns.

Although late to the party–Facebook has “Custom Audiences” and Twitter, “Tailored Audiences”– LinkedIn’s “Matched Audiences” has the potential to surpass both in effectiveness for law firms that target businesses.   

How can law firms benefit? By using this new advertising capability from LinkedIn, corporate law firms now have the ability to expand their reach on LinkedIn and get their content in front of people who are already familiar with their brand. 

LinkedIn’s Eva Chao introduced the three new features in a post on, where else, LinkedIn:

“With Matched Audiences you can use LinkedIn to retarget your website visitors, market to your contacts from your customer databases and marketing automation platforms, and reach decision makers at target companies for your account-based marketing programs. Matched Audiences helps increase ROI by enabling you to focus your efforts on the audiences and accounts that are most likely to drive revenue.”

For a quick how-to video, check out:

Here’s a summary of each of the three features of LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences and how law firms can benefit.

Website Retargeting: Re-engage your website visitors

Website Retargeting lets you create target audiences from your website visitors to nurture them with always-on campaigns.

For instance, you can segment audience based on which practice area pages they visit. As more LinkedIn members visit your site, your “Website Retargeting” audience grows until it hits the magic 300 before ads can be retargeted to that segmented audience.

According to LInkedIn, advertisers in the pilot program saw 30 percent higher click-through rates using Website Retargeting.

Account Targeting: Market to influencers and decision makers at your target accounts

Upload up to 300K company names, set up your account targeting, and the list will be matched against LinkedIn’s massive database of companies to generate a targeting segment. Your campaign activates when your uploaded list reaches 300 matched members.

LinkedIn’s pilot program reported an even higher click-through rate for Account Targeting: 37%.

Law firms can use this feature to reach decision makers at their target companies.

Contact Targeting: Engage prospects and contacts on LinkedIn

Similar to Account Targeting, Contact Targeting allows you to upload a CSV list of up to 300K email addresses.

Firms can now tailor content to qualify leads, convert prospects, retain clients, and win back former clients.

Advertisers in the LinkedIn pilot program saw 32 percent increase in conversion rates using Contact Targeting.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences provides legal marketers an extremely powerful opportunity to reach their target audience directly on LinkedIn. As mentioned, this service helps law firms place content in the activity stream of people who have already visited your website or who are accustomed to receiving your emails. Law firms can create unique campaigns that drive prospects back to their websites and potentially become clients.

We at Good2bSocial are extremely excited about this new development and we are already working with some of our clients to help them take advantage of this new offering by LinkedIn. If you have any questions or would like to learn how your firm can take advantage of this new feature, please contact us today.

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