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LinkedIn Marketing Hacks for Lawyers

by Guy Alvarez • November 14th, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for building community, expanding your firm’s brand, and generating leads. The social media platform can help grow your business – but only when used effectively. Here are some of our favorite LinkedIn marketing hacks for lawyers looking to level up their marketing. 

LinkedIn Marketing Hacks for Lawyers

1. Use LinkedIn Live

One of the best features of LinkedIn – which is often underutilized – is its Live Streaming capability. Live streams are a great way for thought leaders to share valuable information as they would in a webinar, but without the logistical steps of sign-up forms, etc. You can quickly promote such events through sharing and invitations without a separate email campaign. You will need to use a third-party streaming software, but most are compatible with LinkedIn and work well with social media. Similar to planning a webinar, think about topics that will offer a lot of value to attendees. Create a compelling description and invite any user that you know might find it worthwhile. Promote afterward as well by making the full video available for playback. 

2. Improve Your Content Strategy

LinkedIn strategists agree that the most consistent lead generation happens through algorithmically aligned content. However, less than 1% of LinkedIn users truly understand how to create and share content that LinkedIn will see as valuable and worth promoting to its membership. If you can share content that generates conversation on the platform, you’ll be viewed as an authority in your area of expertise. If you consistently focus on creating this kind of content, LinkedIn will help you do your job by promoting the content organically. 

3. Share Links in the Comments, Not Posts

A small, but an impactful tip: When you create posts, don’t include all the links in the post. Instead, mention that more links will be found in the comments. If you plan to share an article from your blog, create a short post about the topic and then say something like “We have a complete guide on topic ABC, and you can find the link to it in the comments.” Doing so can increase the reach of your posts and the engagement by large percentages. 

4. Make Sure Your Page is Optimized

Depending what you are using LinkedIn for, consider sprucing up the “experience” section to better highlight key information. For example, make sure to use this section to share key services and activities. If you serve on any boards, participate in panels, offer consulting, etc. then make sure to write clear descriptions in their own section. Some people have several “job title” areas for different roles. Optimize each section with keywords that you researched. 

5. Use a Third-party Tool to Learn About Your Followers

It can be surprisingly difficult to gain insights into your super fans (or potential super fans). Luckily there are tools available to provide great data on everyone who has commented on your LinkedIn posts. Using this software can help you to see who solidly supports you as well as those who have commented once or twice that you can entice to further engage. 

6. Ask Your Team to Help

You don’t have control over what your staff is doing on LinkedIn. However, it’s worth asking them to create profiles based on client problem-solving rather than simply attracting recruiters. Encourage everyone to search and connect with colleagues, partners, clients, and prospects. Additionally, support them in spending a few minutes each day participating in conversations and adding thoughtful comments on the platform. Finally, create a firm hashtag and show everyone how to properly use it on LinkedIn. 

7. Approach LinkedIn as a Human

With all of the hacks available using today’s technology, it’s easy to rely on automation. However, the real value of LinkedIn lies in connecting with other people. If you don’t take the time to really engage, add value, comment on posts, and participate in conversations, your results won’t be great on LinkedIn. 


LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional networking space. It’s important to include LinkedIn in your marketing efforts and take advantage of the features available. Be consistent, offer value, and develop relationships. If you need assistance using social media wisely and efficiently, reach out to our team.


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