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Legal Marketing Tool: Feedly Keeps You Current on Relevant Topics

by Good2bSocial • September 15th, 2017 • Legal Marketing | Blog

Legal Marketing Tool: Feedly

Do you ever wish you could combine the content you scroll past on social media, your blog subscriptions, and articles from your favorite publications into one simplified feed? As a lawyer or legal marketer, you understand the importance of staying up to date on relevant topics in the industry that impact you and your clients. However, with so much information online it can be difficult to find and sift through quality content.

Legal marketing tool Feedly is a platform that allows you to create a customizable feed that combines all the digital sources you love to read in one easy-to-use place. It’s a low-cost tool that can be valuable for solo lawyers or large firms. If you aren’t using the service yet or haven’t even heard of it, this blog post will highlight some of the benefits the tool offers.

Bookmarking made easy

If you want to read as much relevant content as possible, but don’t have the time to visit each app, site, and blog individually, Feedly may be a good choice. By adding sites’ RSS Feeds to your Feedly account you will be able to use the platform as a one stop management tool for videos, blogs, news articles, and tweets from your favorite accounts. You can also download browser add-ons in order to easily add sources to your Feedly account while you’re browsing the internet.

Tip: Save for later, mark as read, and text highlighting features make it easy for you to sort and read through your feed

Here’s how to search for content to subscribe to on Feedly:


Not only can you create a combined newsfeed, you can organize it to fit your preferences as well. For example, if you’re a law firm with several practice areas you can create categories such as “Privacy Law” or “Immigration Law” and then sort your feed by these topic areas. This will help you find pertinent information efficiently.

Tip: With each blog, keyword, or publication you follow, Feedly will suggest new “collection” terms.

Here’s where to view each of your Feedly “collections”:

Easy Sharing

We continuously discuss how important it is to be a social law firm. In order to build a social community and connect with clients, you should be posting client-centric material across your social channels. Feedly allows you to directly share the content you have curated to social media, facilitating your firm’s content curation practices.

Here are a few useful social sharing features:

Content Curation

Content curation is just as important as original thought leadership posts. Sharing quality content that your target audience will find helpful enhances your reputation as a knowledgeable law firm that keeps up with industry trends. Feedly makes this process easier by eliminating the need to search individually for relevant articles and sifting through untrustworthy sources, an important distinction in an era of the proliferation of fake news sites. By subscribing to the publications and blogs you typically read and trust anyways, Feedly will give you category-sorted content that you can post to your firm’s social channels.

Tip: Add content you think you might want to share in the future to your “board” this will keep it in a separate section.

Overall Feedly is useful legal marketing tool for lawyers and legal marketers who want to effectively manage their time and content.

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