legal industry podcastsPodcasts are increasing in popularity, and for good reason. Convenient, inexpensive, and perfect for that morning commute, podcasts are the perfect platform to help educate lawyers on just about any topic. The trouble is, since it’s fairly easy to create a podcast, it can be challenging to sift through the noise and determine which ones are truly worth your time. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best legal industry podcasts out there, covering topics from legal news to technology trends, law firm marketing, and legal ethics.

Here are the best legal industry podcasts you should subscribe to:

1. The Lawyerist Podcast

From the same team that brings you the website, this weekly podcast covers many topics for lawyers and legal practices. They feature real conversations with prominent industry leaders such as authors and successful attorneys. They are especially helpful when it comes to topics around solo and small firm attorneys.

2. LawNext

This weekly podcast offers insights, thoughts, and predictions on everything from blockchain to innovative legal technology and the future of the legal industry. These episodes are great for keeping up with the industry trends and latest-and-greatest tools. 

3. Legaltech Week

The host of LawNext, Bob Ambrogi, recently launched this new shorter podcast series. At 15 minutes in length, each episode offers a weekly round-up and review of news in legal technology and innovation.

4. Legal Toolkit

Released monthly, this podcast focuses on law firm management and how to optimize it. Each episode is formatted as an interview with top lawyers and professionals to provide the tools and tips that can help you build out a better practice. 

5. Building NewLaw

This Canadian podcast focuses on the next generation of law practice, centered on clients and their experience. They take a thoughtful approach on how to improve productivity, how to make your law practice more efficient with technology, and how to better focus on client relationships. 

6. The Gen Why Lawyer

Directed at young attorneys, this podcast is hosted by millennial lawyers. Expect information, discussion, and advice geared toward professionals who are early on in their careers. Subjects like empowerment guide lawyers in how to have their best experience well into the future. 

7. New Solo

A monthly podcast, the subject matter presented focuses on transitioning from a law firm to an individual practice. Offering interviews with lawyers who have traveled this path, listeners will receive actionable advice about how to go solo. 

8. Clienting

Hosted bi-monthly, this podcast is marketed as “your place to get information about legal marketing in the digital age. Talking about all things client development, digital marketing, and ethical implications of these topics in the legal field.”

9. The Law Entrepreneur

There’s a whole business side to running a law firm that doesn’t receive a lot of attention. This podcast shares information that can help lawyers be successful business people (not just attorneys). It was created by a lawyer who felt that law school did not prepare him for actually operating a firm. 

10. Lawyers Gone Ethical

The ethical rules of law are often changing, and this weekly podcast seeks to inform lawyers of the updates. Tune into this podcast to make sure you understand the latest interpretations and implications of ethics rules. 

11. Maximum Lawyer

If you’re interested in starting or running your own firm, this podcast can help you learn about marketing, hiring, and growing pains. They cover basics as well as deep dives into particular areas. 

12. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

A long-running program, this podcast is one of the most listened-to in the legal sector. The weekly show dives into contemporary legal issues and they tend to have interesting guests with contemplative questions. 

13. TED Law

Technically video podcasts (or “vodcasts”), we included this one because you can listen at your convenience. Similar to TED talks, these episodes cover a range of interesting and modern legal topics sure to keep your attention. 

14. Bloomberg Law

This podcast is frequently released, and you can expect quick insights into high profile legal news. Offering highly authoritative insights, it’s easy to browse and find episodes on topics that interest you. 

15. Legal Marketing 2.0

We’re not objective here, but we do think our podcast is one of the best out there offering fresh insights and perspectives on the latest legal marketing trends and strategies. From predicting digital marketing trends, to hosting industry leaders, we share business advice, personal stories, and best practices on topics relevant to law firms and legal marketers.


There are now over 800,000 active podcasts with over 54 million podcast episodes currently available worldwide. A substantial portion of those are aimed at lawyers and legal marketers. Your time is valuable, and absorbing information from podcasts can help you personally and professionally – but only if you can find and focus on the right ones. Start with this list of the best legal industry podcasts, and you’re sure to obtain high quality insights every time. 

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