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How Lawyers Can Use SlideShare as a Business Development Tool

by Kevin Vermeulen • June 2nd, 2017 • Social Media | Blog

SlideShare for LawyersMany lawyers and law firms struggle with social media because it’s so different from the conventional mediums they are accustomed to using. However, there’s a platform out there that incorporates social media and something many lawyers are already skilled at: making presentations.

SlideShare, known as the “quiet giant of content marketing” is a social media website where you can upload or create presentations and share them for free, as its name implies. Before we dig in, here are some SlideShare numbers to consider:

  • 70 million unique visitors a month
  • 18 million piece of content 
  • 159 million monthly page views

These are some heady numbers, making it ideal for business development with a targeted business-minded audience and little competition amongst lawyers.

There are so many benefits to using it, like increasing web traffic to your firm’s website, ranking better on search engines, branding, and acquiring followers who may one day need legal services and demonstrating thought leadership in your area of practice.

Many businesses say it generates thousands of qualified leads and provides a tangible return on investment. There are infinite possibilities: SlideShare can also help with promoting a conference or a book or anything your firm might be up to. It’s a way to use content you already have and share it with a wider audience. You can even repurpose a blog post on SlideShare

In order to get the most out of SlideShare, your presentations must be good. They must be visually enticing to get people’s attention quickly and sustain it until the end. Like most content marketing, your presentation should be useful to your viewers, who are seeking information to solve their problems.

The use of thought provoking data or evoking emotion about your topic is a good way to get engagement on social media. Don’t be boring with the title of your presentation! For example, a presentation entitled “Change in tax codes for foreign subsidiaries of domestic corporations” will probably not do well. Think outside the box and out yourself in the shoes of your audience. What would entice you to read through a presentation?

Visual appeal is paramount, so it is important to spend some time on design (or hire a designer) and make your slides look visually appealing or no one will want to look at them. SlideShare lets you add audio narration, documents, images, HD video, live streams and real-time feeds. To really drive traffic to your website or achieve the results you’re aiming for, you need to make sure there is a link and a call to action for people to click on in the presentation. See: 3 Dead-Simple Way to Get Traffic on SlideShare

Once you’ve made your presentation and uploaded it to SlideShare, you’re not finished. You still need to promote it to expand your audience. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, your blog and anywhere else you can think of. The posts with the most views are displayed on SlideShare’s homepage, where you are guaranteed to get even more viewers. For an added boost, you can Showcase your Presentations on LinkedIn with SlideShare Content Ads.

SlideShare can help you climb in search engine rankings because it is an authority website. Think about which keywords you’re trying to rank for and make presentations about them, especially long specific keywords, which have little competition. SlideShare is gaining traction with lawyers, so now is the ideal time to get on board, before your competitors beat you to it!

Updated and republished June 2, 2017

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