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How Law Firms Can Incorporate Video into Their Email Marketing

by Good2bSocial • September 24th, 2018 • Digital Marketing | Blog

video marketing strategyEmail marketing is one of the most effective channels for law firms to reach their audience, but how can firms make their emails even better? In the past, we’ve talked about the power of video and why lawyers and law firms should be using them to increase engagement. Imagine your typical client alerts or firm announcements and then try to reimagine them as videos. According to Campaign Monitor, utilizing this type of media within emails can boost open rates by 19% and increase click-through rates by 65%.

However, it’s not as simple as just embedding a video into an email. First, you need a video marketing strategy that seamlessly blends into your email marketing campaigns. Here we’ll discuss a few opportunities law firms have to incorporate video into their email marketing.

Firm Announcements

Perhaps your law firm is making a major announcement – adding a practice area, hosting a big event, or even merging with another law firm – rather than relying on traditional press releases and email announcements, you can share the news through video. Videos work well for brand awareness campaigns as they engage your audience and put visuals to your firm’s name. Showcasing your firm’s mission, expertise, or events through video can be a refreshing way to speak to your clients.

Expert Interviews or Educational Information

Client alerts are useful for informing your clients on specific issues or topics surrounding a particular industry. Try making these types of emails come alive through video. Instead of lengthy articles or news blurbs, film an expert from your firm discussing or explaining these topics. This not only increases thought leadership, but puts a face to your law firm.

Case studies and testimonials are essential for highlighting your firm’s experience and integrity. Video testimonials are powerful because they’re more trustworthy. When prospects and clients hear and see who your firm has worked with in the past, they’re able to put more trust into your law firm’s capabilities.

Getting Started

Like I mentioned before while video is a great way to take your email campaigns to the next level, it’s not as simple as embedding a file. In fact, embedding videos into emails increases the chance that your emails will get sent to spam folders. Instead, you can try inserting a static image or an animated gif with a play button that links to your video. Another tip that will help increase your open rates is to include the word “video” somewhere in your subject line to entice people to open and watch


Videos allow law firms to increase the effectiveness of their traditional email campaigns. From announcements to testimonials, this form of media allows you to put real faces to your firm, increasing audience trust and engagement. If you need help producing professional videos or developing a video marketing strategy for your law firm, we can help.


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