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How to Generate Leads Using Video

by Kevin Vermeulen • December 7th, 2017 • Content Marketing | Blog

Law Firm Video MarketingPeople are more drawn to visual content than written materials. It’s the brain’s natural response. Visuals are faster and easier to digest. In the past few years, industries have worked out ways to utilize this cognitive process to promote products or services. As such, there has been a significant surge in video marketing.

As per Psychology Today, 39% of online consumers tend to share a piece of content if it’s presented to them in video form. On top of that, 36% of them may even leave feedback on the video, and 56% may also “like” the post. That is why video campaigns have a higher possibility of reaching prospects than text-only ads.

Here are three guaranteed ways to inject lead-generating videos into your law firm marketing strategies. They will help you hit your marketing goals, all while obtaining the best value for your money.

Produce the Right Video

The most critical element of a video campaign is producing the right video. To create a highly efficient marketing video, consider these factors:

Type Of Video

To begin, pick the kind and style of video that will suit your marketing goals. There are a variety of techniques to video marketing. You can create an advertisement that promotes your products or services. This is the most used type of video. It’s straightforward, practical and has demonstrated excellent results.

Another common type of ad is a narrative that can be acted on by actors or real people. This is a somewhat less direct approach, but extremely powerful in triggering viewers’ emotions.

You may also go for a documentary style wherein you provide your audience with an inside peek of your firm with a much more discreet reference to your services.

In addition, it’s especially popular nowadays to create a video testimonial. As opposed to an outright promotion, the videos promote your work using customer feedback.


You need to ensure that the duration of the video is short and sharp. A lengthier video demands a more substantial budget. Also, if you choose paid advertisements, certain media impose a fee per minute, which makes it somewhat pricey. But most notably, the longer the video, the higher the chance that viewers will lose focus before they reach the end. This usually happens three minutes into the video. It’s better to keep the videos short.

That said, if it’s too short, it won’t leave a lasting impression on the audience. Also, if the content is gripping, people are more predisposed to watch the video even if it’s a bit long. It’s wise to experiment with different video lengths to determine the best duration of your ads based on your particular audience.


Your target market will decide the content of the videos. To make a relevant video with an extensive impact on your target audience, you must examine their needs, wants, and desires.

Consider things like demographics, academic criteria, occupation, social standing and economic class to help you identify the type of content your videos should offer.

Gate the Video Content

The easiest method to obtain leads’ contact details is to have an email gate. Prompting the audience to type in their email address before watching a specialized video helps you establish a new list of leads.

This lead capture strategy is most useful for mid-funnel videos. This strategy calls for a bit of buy-in from the audience, but serves as an excellent lead qualifier.

For instance, if you have several short pieces of video content that lead up to a longer and more detailed, specialized video, you can gate that “full” video to determine the actual number of viewers that volunteer their information. If you have piqued their attention with excellent top-of-funnel material beforehand, you will have a higher chance of collecting high-quality leads. This is particularly the case if they’ve seen your other ads before the mid-funnel email gate.

Employ A Strategic Call To Action (CTA)

Now, not all pieces of content need to have an email gate. If your primary marketing goal is full exposure, then it’s essential to set up an easy-access experience. This is where calls-to-action fit in.

A well-placed CTA can motivate the audience to interact with and explore your other content. A CTA can prompt viewers to complete a contact form to provide you a better and more in-depth understanding of what your target market needs. This process is also a little less direct than an email gate which is more reasonable for viewers who might be hesitant to provide personal information.

The three strategies above are straightforward and less direct ways to drive and maximize your video content campaigns. Apply one or all to achieve favorable marketing results.

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