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How Law Firms Can Prepare for the New Instagram Business Pages

by Kevin Vermeulen • April 29th, 2019 • Social Media | Blog

instagram business pagesAll law firms must take steps to ensure their online presence enhances their digital marketing efforts. Another tool to help law firms grow their online presence is coming soon and has a great deal of potential: Instagram business pages. Most people are not yet aware of these new business pages on Instagram, but they are already rolling out, so you should make it a point to take advantage of them.

About Instagram Business Pages

The new Instagram business profiles have information that is incredibly similar to what you will find on Google local information. You see the business name as well as contact information, a website URL, hours, price range, and address. Since it is part of Instagram, pictures are highly encouraged.

Claiming the Page

The first thing to do with your Instagram business page is claim it. To do so, you must have access to the business’ Facebook page. If you find your business’ profile on Instagram, there is a button to claim it on the top right corner. This will give you access to edit information displayed there.

Still Rolling Out

Although some users are already able to view the Instagram business profiles, not all can. Instagram still has not released enough information on this new feature either, leaving many businesses wondering how to prepare for the eventual rollout. The good news is that despite the lack of official information (including an official Instagram-wide rollout date), you can start preparing. This will make it quick and easy to make the most of the Instagram business pages once they go fully live.

Images in the Profile

Based on sleuthing from in-the-know sources who can view the existing Instagram business pages, there is some clear information regarding images. Instagram shows a few posts in the profiles, with three of them appearing at the top of the profile. It is important to note that this section shows the three most recent images; any video thumbnails on your Instagram will not be included.

You will also need to pay more attention to what your practice posts on Instagram and the order in which it posts. At least, that is the case if the three images shown on the profile page are automatically the three most recent posts. Plan carefully to ensure anything you post will do well in such prominence.

Take Care of Your Facebook Business Profile

Since Instagram is a Facebook company and you will need access to your practice’s Facebook page to claim your Instagram page, your preparation should include caring for your Facebook business profile. If you have not already created and/or claimed your business page on Facebook, do so now. Hopefully, you can skip this step since anyone not using Facebook for their law firm is missing out on vast opportunities.

The current assumption is that Instagram will get the relevant information such as address and hours from the law firm’s Facebook pages. As such, you should ensure that all your information on Facebook is accurate.

Get Used to Posting Stories

Since the Instagram business pages give minimal data and images on which to judge businesses, Instagram stories will likely become key. This is particularly true based on the fact that when browsing, users are more likely to look at a story than a profile page. This comes from the fact that Instagram Stories do not interrupt browsing but viewing profile pages do, with the latter requiring you to click the back button and find your place again.


The bottom line is that even though we are not yet sure when Instagram business pages will be fully rolled out, it is never too early to start planning. Make sure your Facebook page is updated and work on adjusting your Instagram strategy in the interim. If you need help adapting your law firm’s social media strategy to new features like this, contact us for a consultation.

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