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5 Inspiring Law Firm Instagram Accounts

by Good2bSocial • September 7th, 2018 • Social Media | Blog

instagram for law firmsLast summer, I wrote an article about how Instagram is a largely untapped channel for law firms. In the course of a year, Instagram for law firms has become a little more important with 16% of AmLaw 100 firms currently utilizing the platform.

But what are law firms actually posting on the image-centric site? And how do you develop a strategy for Instagram? Turns out most law firms aren’t using the channel to promote thought leadership or share case studies. Instead, they’re considering the network’s major audience: millennials. Millenials are only becoming more and more important to law firms because this group holds the next generation of lawyers. For this reason, Instagram for law firms is a way to attract and recruit top talent.

From highlighting the employee experience to showcasing benevolent corporate social responsibility efforts, here are how five AmLaw 100 firms are maximizing the power of Instagram:


As one of the largest law firms with offices around the globe, it’s no surprise that DLA Piper has the biggest following on Instagram when it comes to law firms. While the firm is no doubt a thought leader with several blogs, you wouldn’t be able to tell from their account on this channel. Nearly all of their posts are employee-centric, showcasing company events like pasta making at Eataly or their summer associates attending a baseball game. With an average of 80 likes per post, they have an incredibly high level of engagement. DLA Piper’s account is an excellent example of promoting your firm’s workplace culture in a way that attracts new talent.


Norton Rose Fulbright takes a slightly different approach to Instagram than other law firms on this list. Using the hashtag #lawaroundtheworld, this firm promotes their global reach through incredible photography. Rather than promoting their employees directly, they promote their attorney’s photographs! Instagram is perhaps the most visual social network and Norton Rose Fulbright’s account exemplifies this. From the top of Sacre Coeur Basilica in Paris to a brightly colored rainforest in Costa Rica, this law firm’s beautiful photography engages its 1,800+ followers successfully.


Greenberg Traurig’s Instagram is multifaceted. This law firm again focuses on their lawyers and summer associates (even taking advantage of the platform’s popular stories feature), but they also showcase their involvement in industry conferences and the community. By sharing their summer associates’ experiences they’re able to attract other Millenials looking to get their start at a major law firm.


According to the 2016 Cone Communications Millennial Employee Engagement Study, 76% of millennials consider a company’s commitment to social responsibility when deciding where to work. Instagram for law firms is the perfect channel to highlight CSR efforts. Paul Hastings does a remarkable job of demonstrating their involvement with the community in a way that’s authentic. For example, they’ve shared photos of summer associates volunteering at a food bank and an attorney helping to tag sharks in the Bahamas. Imagery like this impacts brand reputation positively and socially conscious millennials are attracted to companies doing good.


O’Melveny Myers takes two types of content that millenials love to reach their target audience: video and CSR. With videos like “What do you want to achieve?”, this law firm is able to quickly engage potential hires with content that expresses why you want to be an attorney at their firm. On the CSR front, the firm has even created a custom hashtag #cOMMitment2cOMMunity that incorporates their commitment to causes and their brand name.


There isn’t just one right way for law firms to use Instagram, but in general it’s a channel best used for recruiting millennial talent. From Norton Rose Fulbright’s compelling photography to Paul Hastings’ community involvement, there are many different ideas your law firm can try on the platform. Instagram for law firms can be rewarding, but challenging if you’re just getting started – take some inspiration from these five accounts or contact us if you would like to discuss enhancing your social media strategy.

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