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Law Firm Video Marketing Techniques

by Talia Schwartz • September 23rd, 2019 • Content Marketing | Blog

law firm video marketingAs a lawyer, video marketing can be an excellent tool to help you bring in new clients and grow your law firm. Video marketing can boost your search and SEO rankings, improve engagement with your audience, and help influence clients to choose your firm. In this article, we detail techniques that will help you drive key business results from your law firm video marketing initiatives.

Use Keyword Research

Before you start writing the content for your law firm’s video marketing, take the time to do some keyword research. This is as simple as visiting YouTube and typing in the first few letters of a relevant search term. Look at YouTube’s auto-fill suggestions. You can do the same thing on Google or look for a tool that helps you find common video search terms. From there, plan your video around the search term. Visit our recent blog post to find a detailed list of the top keyword research tools available on the market today.

After creating the videos, use the keyword research to optimize them.

Make Educational Content

To get the most from your video marketing, make it educational and cover an area relevant to your law firm. Use the video to answer the questions that people have during the early stages of searching for a lawyer.

Invest in the Script and Editing

Do not fall for the trap that most videos on Facebook are watched without sound; most watched on YouTube are watched with sound. As such, it is crucial that you make sure your script is perfect. You should consider investing in a good scriptwriter that understands the legal industry and your firm’s target audience. Also, ensure that editing pays attention to content and clear audio. Get started with HubSpot’s free Video Marketing Starter Pack complete with templates and other helpful resources.

Make a High-quality Video for the Homepage

Most of the top law firm websites now feature high-quality branded videos. These are a great way to introduce your firm to others and to work on your branding. This video should tell viewers what makes you different and why to hire you. It should also give some insights into your firm’s story.

Make Testimonial Videos

Include customer testimonials and case study videos in your video marketing plan as these will help you build up trust and social proof. The videos will also help influence potential clients to hire your firm over the others.

Make Videos on Each Lawyer

You can also consider interview videos, with each focusing on the lawyers in your practice. Ask about experience, the practice area, past cases, and more.

Include Vlogs

To connect with your audience, include vlogs (video blogs) in your marketing strategy. These do not have to be as polished and can be more relatable. Use the vlogs to share insights and thoughts. You can even give an office tour.

Other Important Advice

In addition to all of the above, you should also:

  • Publish the videos on several platforms
  • Include a call-to-action in the videos
  • Make the occasionally longer video, when relevant
  • Consider engaging the audience with animation
  • Include transcripts
  • Start off strong in the video


With all of these tips, you should be able to get the most out of your video marketing and acquire more clients for your law practice. Assure potential clients of your expertise, capture their attention and really engage them with your law firm’s video marketing. If your firm has not yet joined the video marketing revolution and needs some assistance getting started, contact us today!




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